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"I love how they break the problems down and show you how to do them. This course is helping me so much. I feel even the more prepared to retake GED© Math. Thanks!"
 ~ Britteny J.
"I love the explanations."
~ Ellice M.
"I'm just starting the course but it's the best I've seen so far. The videos explain the steps with clarity. 
It's what I needed."
~ Kendra S.
From the popular study website Test Prep Toolkit that over 1 million students have used to study for the GED©:

Imagine ... another Monday morning. You're standing at the bus stop, or driving on your way to work. Or maybe you're sitting at home just wishing you had a job to go to. 

What are you doing? Are you listening to the radio in your car? Scrolling on your phone? Wondering when you'll find a better job... or even find any job.

8 weeks from now, you'll be 8 weeks older.

Where will you be?

Now imagine that every morning, you had a personal tutor in your pocket, and you were on a step-by-step 8-week plan to pass the GED© Math Test - building on what you already know. You'd be learning EVERYTHING you need to know to pass the GED©.

Option 1: You keep doing what you've been doing and be in the same place 8 weeks from now.

Option 2: You decide that you’ve had enough. You decide you never want to worry again about what will happen if you don’t pass your GED©. You never want to worry again about whether you can go back to school and get a better job. You decide it’s time to take control of your own life and the future of you and your family.

Yes, you can pass the GED© math test, go back to school and get a better job without living like a monk locked away studying 24 hours a day and without being a math genius to begin with.
Why doesn’t anyone talk about better ways to pass the GED© math test?

At Test Prep Toolkit, literally millions of students have used our free resources to study for the GED©. Every month we get hundreds of emails from students and we have hundreds of students join our Facebook group, I always ask these students what is stopping you from getting your GED©..

The answer I get back 9 out of 10 times is: “the GED© math test.”

Every week, I get questions like this:

 “I have no idea what to study and what is on the math test.”

 “I start studying for the math test, but I never follow through. What should I do to stick with my studying?”

 “I have bought tons of math books and gone through all of them. I still don’t get it… what am I doing wrong?”

After talking with thousands of GED© students over the years…

Here’s what I learned:

4 “invisible scripts” about passing the GED© math test.

After talking to thousands of GED© students over the years, I started to notice some patterns. It took me a while to realize that these patterns were actually “invisible scripts” that were holding people back from passing the GED© math test.

See which of these invisible scripts you can recognize in yourself. Most people can spot at least 2 or 3 in themselves.

“I’m not good at math”
I suck at math. We all know someone that is “naturally gifted”. Whatever they do they are good at. They can pick up an instrument and play it in minutes and they pass tests in school without studying. The truth is this isn’t normal - and these people also end up struggling later in life when they actually have to try and work hard.

If you haven’t done a ton of math then you probably aren’t the best. This is a given. 

But just because you aren’t the best NOW doesn’t mean with work you can’t get better. After all you don’t see a toddler getting upset when they are taking their first steps and keep falling down. They just keep getting up and trying again.  

The truth is you’re not bad at math - you probably just haven’t done a ton of math. 

“I don’t have enough time to study for the GED© math test”
Who has the time? How are you supposed to find extra time to study for the GED? It’s hard enough finding time for friends and family and the basic stuff. You don’t want to add “more work” after a long days at work. The worst part is, we all know we waste time on things that aren’t productive. 

“I don’t want to put all this time into something… only to fail”
Uncertainty. Who want to spend weeks studying not knowing if you will still fail? How can anyone GUARANTEE that something will end up working out? Many of us have tried studying on our own and it went nowhere. How do we know this won’t happen again?

“I don’t know where to start”
Too much material! Maybe you have a bunch of emails from me in your inbox. Or even a couple of books waiting for you to break into. And now you want me to get MORE? How much material are we talking about, anyway?

What comes first? What should I study first? Do I just start at the beginning of the book? Should I start with what I’m best at? What I’m worst at?

All of these “scripts” are totally valid - they’re actually a good way for us to “screen” for what feels right to pursue. But they can also hold us back.

Over the last few years, as I’ve studied math, test prep, and psychology, I noticed a few patterns beneath the surface. These patterns are often invisible … and surprising … and often form an “invisible anchor” around our necks.

Sometimes, we don’t even know the scripts are there.

When I boiled down all these scripts… all our barriers … all our fears … and our hopes … I discovered one phrase that illustrated how our students were feeling:

I feel STUCK.

We “know” we should be moving ahead, growing, exploring, improving. But when we get stuck, our deepest fear is STAYING STUCK. That feeling of looking back on the last year and realizing we’re in the same place … or seeing someone 20 years older than us and NOT wanting to be them… nobody wants that feeling.

But, interestingly, even if we know the scripts we hold, that doesn’t change our behavior!

After talking with hundreds of student, I created a different way to think about studying for the GED© math test.

It goes like this.

NEW APPROACH: First, find your weakest area. Then, build knowledge around it.”

Consider these problems:
  •  Too Much Information
  •  Not Knowing Where to Start

Two very different problems, but the result is the same - no progress.

What I’ve discovered is that we are obsessed with trying to find the best materials, best way to study, we ask Facebook groups “What was the hardest part?”

But the truths is…

We are just stalling. All of this is just a way of putting off studying.

I could give you a list of exactly what is on the test right now - but it wouldn’t change a thing.

That’s because studying isn’t about having a thick book of questions.

It’s about finding your weak areas and concentrating on improving them.

Focusing on your weakest areas is the fastest way to improve your GED© math test score.

Besides, drowning yourself in math problems or reviewing things you already know is no way to study.

"I'm doing fractions with ease this week thanks to this course."
Kendra Shuford, GED© Math Blueprint Student
"I like how easy it is to comprehend."
Britenny Johnson, GED Math© Blueprint Student
Instead of studying book cover-to-cover or randomly … have a SYSTEM.

But there’s a different pattern that changes the entire approach.

“First, find your weakest area.”

First, you use several tools and techniques to understand what you’re really good at and where your weaknesses are. If you’re good at something - there is no need wasting time reviewing it. 

This sounds simple but is actually a totally different approach than most people take.

“Then, build knowledge around it.”

What this means is study your weakest areas and the surrounding areas.

The areas that you’re weakest at are where you want to spend 80% of your time studying. By studying these areas you will improve your test score VERY quickly.

What most people actually need is less cover-to-cover and random studying…

… and instead, a SYSTEM.

A step-by-step SYSTEM passing the GED© math test without wasting your time on things you already know.

A SYSTEM for finding your weakest areas.

A SYSTEM for building knowledge around your weakness.

A SYSTEM that tells you whether you’re on the right track or not… so if something’s not working, you’ll know exactly what to do to fix it and get back on track.

A SYSTEM for getting the highest GED© math score possible - or passing it in as little time as possible - it’s your choice.

But it’s about a SYSTEM - not cover-to cover book studying or random studying.
Why get your GED©?

Here are five reasons why:

1. Find a Better Career: Even if you’re currently employed, earning your GED© certificate will increase the the number and quality of jobs you can apply for in the future. And even if you plan on staying at your current job a while, you may get passed by for promotions or raises without it.

2. Raise Your Self-Esteem: It might sound cheesy, but earning your GED© certificate will help you feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in yourself. Your GED© certificate is proof to the world- and yourself- that you’re competent and are able to set a goal and achieve it.

3. Be a Role Model: Have kids or plan to in the future? You want them to succeed in life, and the best way for you to help them do that is by being a good role model. Earning your GED© certificate shows your children that you value education and you expect them to as well.

4. Continue Your Education: If you want to attend college and take your career to the next level, your GED© certificate is the first step.

5. Earn More Money: Get your GED©, get a better job, make more money. It's that simple. People who pass the GED© make on average of $10,000 more per year and people with just some college education compared to a high school drop out make almost double - that's $16,000 more per year. That adds up quick.

Announcing GED© Math Blueprintthe step-by-step program to pass the GED© math test.
This program is like nothing you’ve seen before.

It’s NOT a book stuffed with “filler” study material that has nothing to do with the test.

It’s NOT a bunch of random “tips” and “tricks” you can find free on Google.

And it’s NOT something you’ll buy, go through for a few days, then set aside to “get back to another day.”

Instead, I’ve put together a step-by-step program to FORCE you to take action, find the weak areas that are holding you back and improve your test scores quickly.

As my student blank said, “ “

If you’re ready to pass the GED© math test once and for all, here’s how the course works.

First, you’ll take an in-depth practice test to find where you need the most improvement.

You’ll use our systems and tools to identify exactly where you need to spend the most time studying to pass the test quickly.

Remember, you won’t get a huge math book thrown at you to figure out what you need to study and sit frustrated by yourself when your answer is different than the answer in the back of the book.

You’ll get a set of step-by-step instructions, lessons, practices tests and practice questions that will help you focus in on the area of the test you need to work on most.

Here’s how I put the course together for you:

All-new ultra specific practice test: This isn’t some pen and paper practice test. Our practice tests are designed to mimic the official GED© math practice test while going a step further and helping you self-diagnose the specific areas of the test that are giving you the most trouble

New! Access to “GED© Math Blueprint Private Video Vault.” 

Dozens of practice tests & hundreds of practice questions. Make sure you are fully prepared with more practice tests and questions than anyone could ever possibly need. These practice tests and questions are exactly the type of questions that you will find on the test and will help make sure you’re 100% ready when test day comes.
Roadmap: A week-by-week overview
Week 1: Number Sense & Problem Solving
  •  Arithmetic With Whole Numbers
  •  Solving Word Problems
  •  Distance Time And Average Speed
  •  Calculating Total Cost With Unit Rate
Week 2: Decimals & Fractions
  •  Decimal Basics
  •  Changing Between Improper And Mixed Form
  •  Practice With Fractions And Mixed Number Arithmetic
  •  Changing Between Decimals And Fractions
Week 3: Ratio, Proportion & Percent
  •  Ratios And Proportions
  •  Percents And Percent Formula
  •  Operations With Percents
Week 4: Data, Probablity & Statistics
  •  Understanding Data In Tables And Graphs
  •  Mean, Median, Mode And Range
  •  Dot Plots, Histograms, And Box Plots
  •  Weighted Average
  •  Probability Of Simple, Compound, And Complementary Events
  •  Probability Of Independent And Dependent Events
  •  Permutation And Combination
Week 5: Algebra Basics, Expressions & Polynomials
  •  Arithmetic Calculations With Signed Numbers
  •  Exponents And Roots
  •  Converting Numbers To Scientific Notation
  •  Order Of Operations
  •  What Are Monomials And Polynomials
  •  How To Add, Subtract, And Multiply Polynomials
  •  Dividing Polynomials With Long And Synthetic Division
  •  Factoring Polynomial Expressions
  •  How To Determine When A Numerical Expression Is Undefined
Week 6: Equations, Inequalities & Functions
  •  How To Solve Multi Step Equations
  •  How To Solve A Rational Equation
  •  Solving Two Step Inequalities
  •  How To Use The Quadratic Formula To Solve A Quadratic Equation
  •  Solving A Quadratic Equation By Factoring
  •  Ordered Pairs On The Coordinate Plane
  •  Linear Equations Intercepts, Standard Form And Graphing
  •  Calculating The Slope Of A Line
  •  Interpreting Systems Of Linear Equations Graphically
Week 7: Geometry
  •  Pythagorean Theorem
  •  Perimeter And Area
  •  Area And Circumference Of Circles
  •  Volume
  •  Surface Area
  •  Combined Figures Perimeter, Area, Volume
  •  How To Read And Interpret Scale Drawings
Week 8: Bonus Overview
  •  Full GED Math Practice Tests
  •  Individual Lesson Practice Tests
  •  Subject Practice Questions
Our GED© Math Course includes:
  •  45 in-depth videos lessons that teach you the math topics on the actual test
  •  3 complete practice tests that help you figure out how you'll do on the actual test
  •  100s of practice questions to make sure you master every area of the math test
Carefully crafted to force you to take action
We’ve all gotten excited about an idea, started it, and then ended up losing motivation… or flaking out… or just not following through.

The weird thing is sometimes we can flake even when we REALLY want to follow through.
GED© Math Blueprint is built from the ground-up to force you to take action.

WARNING: You may be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of material in GED© Math Blueprint.

To prevent overwhelm, we made it easy for you to find and identify the areas you most need to study and get results.

We’ve carefully broken GED© Math Blueprint into step-by-step chunks to make sure you know exactly what you need to do.

Lifetime access and free updates
I want to make this the best course you ever join.

So if for some reason something comes up and you can’t take your GED© test when you expected - you will continue to have access to the course whenever you need it.

When you join, you receive LIFETIME ACCESS

That means the material will be here for you in a month …. A year … whenever you need it.

If you’re busy… or something huge comes up… or you simply need to re-prioritize for a while, just log back in whenever you’re ready. You’ll be able to instantly resume the coursework and your materials will be waiting for you.

“Do I have enough time for GED© Math Blueprint?”
Do you have enough time to commit to the course?

What if you have a family or demanding job, or an upcoming event?

GED© Math Blueprint isn’t designed to take over your life or become a second full-time job. But we do want people who will take this seriously.

You get LIFETIME ACCESS so you can use the material for as long as you need - and lock in the current price.

But let’s talk about time for a second.

Here’s an email I get nearly every day: “ I really want to join GED© Math Blueprint but I just donw have the time right now.”

GED© Math Blueprint takes only 5 hours per week. That’s 2 to watch video lessons and 3 to study and use what you learned in the videos.

If you can’t find 5 hours per week, I suggest you close this page and spend the next 24 hours analyzing your time. Because anyone who claims that getting their GED© is important should be able to find five hours every week - especially when it will help pay off so much in the future.

Usually what’s holding us back is a combination of TIME and MOTIVATION.

What we found is that passing the GED© math test is not just about showing you what is on the test. For example, think about fitness. We all know what we need to do to get in better shape.

It’s not that we lack information. The information is out there!

There’s something else going on. What happens is we’ll get excited to start something, and start doing it, then life gets in the way and we fall behind. Then we “try harder” using our willpower … which inevitably fails. And then we repeat the same process again and again.

It’s not simply about trying harder. It’s about building a SYSTEM to keep moving forward.

Extreme convenience: videos, practice tests, PDFs
Sample videos
Decimal Basics
Learn how to work with decimals. Know how to round, order, and compute decimal numbers.
Mean, Median, Mode And Range
Get the simple steps for finding the mean, median, mode, and range.
Pythagorean Theorem
Understand what Phythagorean Theorem is and where to apply it.
Sample Practice Tests
Sample Practice Test Question
Sample Practice Test Results
8 weeks from now, where will you be?

My parents have a great saying they've been telling me since I was a kid:

"A year from now, you're going to be a year older. What are you going to do?"

It really purts things in perspective.

If I'm deciding whether to study harder for that test ... whether or not I do it, a year from now I'll be a year older.

And a year from now, I won't remember the hard work I put in... but I'll sure remember the results I continue to get.

8 weeks from now, I want you to be in an entirely different place that you are now.

You'll have taken the course material and not just watched it - but PRACTICED AND IMPROVED using our step-by-step methods.

You'll have passed your first math practice test and you'll be preparing for your actual GED© math test.

Best of all, you'll have a SYSTEM - a path to passing the GED© math test that you never had before.

By the way, don't take my work for it....
Here's what some GED© Math Blueprint students had to say:
"It's the best I've seen so far"
"I'm just starting the course but it's the best I've seen so far. 
The videos explain the steps with clarity. It's what I needed."
Kendra Shuford, GED© Math Blueprint Student
"This course is helping me so much"
"I love how they break the problems down and show you how to do them. 
This course is helping me so much. I feel even the more prepared to retake GED© Math. Thanks!"
Britteny Johnson, GED© Math Blueprint Student
"I like the clear communication"
"I like the clear communication. As a non native English speaker, 
being to understand everything in the course is a good thing and I thank you guys for that!"
Ronald Charles, GED© Math Blueprint Student
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