Question 5/GED Reading Practice Test

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Read the passage, then answer the question that follows.


(1)Dear students

(2)I am very excited about this year. (3)We have lots of things planned over the course of the year, like a field trip to the museum, a unit in electricity, a year-long reading challenge and a study about your family history. (4)It will be a year filled with fun activities. (5)I promise!

(6)The first day of school will be Monday September 3rd. (6) Our classroom number is 203. (7)I am looking forward to seeing you their!

(6)Enjoy the rest of your summer,
Miss Smith

5. Which of the following would be the best correction for Sentence 7?

A. change the word “their” to “they’re”
B. change the spelling of “field” to “feild”
C. change the word “their” to “there”