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How to Prepare for GED Social Studies Test

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Not confident about your knowledge of history for the GED social studies test? Have you always found it hard to memorize historical facts? Do you find history boring? Has it been a while since you last read a social studies textbook? You’ve come to the right place to learn for the GED social studies test and ace the test.

Social studies cover a wide range of topics. You might not know where to begin. But don’t worry! Our GED social studies practice tests and online classes cover the most important topics included in the actual exam. The tests and video lessons are short enough to make studying easy and fun. Our study guide will make sure you’ll have everything you need to know to pass the GED social studies test.

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What is on the GED® Social Studies Test?

What Does the GED Social Studies Test Cover?

The GED social studies test is a single section test. You have 70 minutes to finish the exam. You need to get at least 145 points to pass this test.

The test is divided into four major categories:
1. Civics and government (50%)
2. US history (20%)
3. Economics (15%)
4. Geography of the world (15%).

Test Prep Tool Kit prepared GED-social-studies practice tests and video lessons to make it fun and easy for the student to learn the subject. The social studies facts, concepts, and events to remember can sound overwhelming. But our GED social studies guide will help you navigate through the most important topics that you need to learn.

Our GED social studies practice tests have 20 to 25 questions that you can answer anytime you want. There’s no time pressure. The student can choose to reveal the correct answer right after each question. We also have 10 lessons that you can read at your own pace.

Find it easier to learn with videos? We have 20 social studies video lessons that are 15 minutes long or less. Get our GED Study Guide for tips on how to prepare for GED social studies test and other subjects.

Tips for Success in the GED Social Studies Test

The key to succeeding in the GED social studies test is not only through memorization skills. You also need to make sense of facts to keep as much info as you can. Organize the topics you need to learn. We always recommend starting with topics you’re not familiar with.

Find it hard to focus? Schedule a study time where you’re most alert during the day. Avoid reading or studying when you’re already tired or sleepy. Getting enough sleep and staying hydrated can help you learn more easily.

Keep your study times as short as 30 minutes. Our video lessons don’t exceed 15 minutes to help you stay focused. Get rid of anything that might distract you like TV, smartphones, food, etc. Studying while listening to classical music might support improve concentration. Meditation exercises are helpful, too.

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Here are some more tips to help you on the GED social studies test:

  1. Read the item carefully before answering. Make sure you comprehend the question.
  2. Review the answer options and read the text and the question again before choosing your answer. Keep in mind that there are four types of question in the test. These are drag-and-drop, hot spot, fill-in-the-blank, and multiple choice.
  3. Get familiar with the terms used in the test. Take our practice tests and watch our video lessons to familiarize yourself with social studies terms. Read history books and publications. Doing these things will help you comprehend the words often used in social studies. If you encounter words that are new to you, use a dictionary to check the meaning.

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Complete GED Social Studies Guide Checklist

Complete Guide Checklist

Get to know and search what topics you need to learn for each test category. Below is a checklist of social studies topics included in the exam.

Use this list as you review for the GED social studies exam. Take our FREE online GED Social Studies Practice Test once you’re done reviewing these concepts:

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1- United States History

  • Do I know the historical documents that have shaped the American constitutional government?
  • Do I know revolutionary and early republic records?
  • Do I know and understand Civil War and Reconstructions?
  • Do I know and understand Civil Rights?
  • Do I know European settlement and population of the Americas?
  • Do I understand what happened during World Wars I &II?
  • Do I understand what happened during The Cold War?
  • Am I aware of the American foreign policy since 9/11?

2- Geography and the World

  • Do I know how classical civilizations developed?
  • Do I understand the relationships between the environment and societal development?
  • Do I know the geographical borders between peoples and nations?
  • Do I understand human migration and how it happens?

3- Economics

  • Do I know the key economic events that have shaped American government and policies?
  • Do I understand the relationship between political and economic freedoms?
  • Do I know the fundamental economic concepts?
  • Do I understand the difference between microeconomics and macroeconomics?
  • Do I perceive the intended meaning of consumer economics?
  • Do I know the causes and impacts of wars in the context of economics?
  • Do I perceive the intended meaning of what drove exploration and colonization in the context of economics?
  • Do I perceive the intended meaning of scientific and industrial revolutions?

4- Civics and Government

  • Do I know the types of modern and historical governments?
  • Do I know the principles that have contributed to the development of American constitutional democracy?
  • Do I know and perceive the intended meaning of the structure and design of the US government?
  • Am I aware of individual rights and civic responsibilities?
  • Do I know and perceive the intended meaning of the political parties, campaigns, and elections in US politics?
  • Do I know and perceive the intended meaning of the contemporary public policy?



Now you know what to expect from the GED social studies test based on our prep guide. Start setting your study schedule. Highlight the topics above you that need to learn first. Then search and go through our online lessons and video lessons.

Once you have covered everything, test your ability or knowledge using our GED practice tests for social studies.

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