Equations, Inequalities, and Functions

In math, an equation simply means that two mathematical expressions are equal. When solving equations, the goal is to always find the value of the unknown. Equations may include decimals and fractions too. A few examples of equations are:

  1. x ”“ 3 = 4
  2. 2(x2 ”“ 2x) = 5

An inequality is a mathematical expression that compares two quantities. The goal for solving inequalities is slightly different from solving equations. It’s to figure out how to leave the x all on its own. Here are some examples of inequalities:

  1. x + 3 < 5
  2. 3 − 3x < − 1

A function is a set of mathematical operations done on one or more variables that yield an output. Here is an example of a function:

y = 4x ”“ 3

Which may also be written as:

f (x) = 4x ”“ 3

Equations, inequalities, and functions all fall under algebra.

What to Expect from the Equations, Inequalities, and Functions Practice Test

Equations, inequalities, and functions are advanced Algebra topics. To practice your ability to solve these problems, you will be able to find exercises that ask you to do the following:

  1. Solve equations with multiple steps
  2. Solve multi-step algebra equations
  3. Solve two-step linear inequalities
  4. Solve a quadratic equation
  5. Solve linear equations
  6. Calculate the slope of a line
  7. Interpret systems of linear equations by graphing

This test can be taken as a way to check your current skill level. It is also ideal to take it after reviewing the topic to test how much you understood what you have learned and to put the techniques you have learned into practice. Take this test after watching our video lessons.