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Free GED Practice Tests to help students pass their GED exam with flying colors. Try our free practice exams for all subjects to get a higher GED score on your GED test.
GED Practice Test

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Our GED practice tests are designed after recent changes to the GED test. The Practice Questions, study guide is the most powerful tool for test-takers for the preparation for the GED Test day.

Use these practice exams to identify your strengths and weakness in all subjects. Our GED practice test study guide will instruct students about foolproof ways to study. Start with 1 Practice Quiz and test your knowledge. Plan your study based on that practice test online’s results and try another one.

All these practice tests study guide are free and available 24/7 so you’ll try them anytime of the day you want.

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Check our Free GED Math Practice Test

GED Practice Test Topics

GED Practice Test Topics

We bring you Free GED practice exams with one goal in mind: to empower you with the knowledge and confidence to ace the exam and earn your equivalency diploma. We want students to attain the best GED test scores with ease and the only way to earn this is to get access to the best GED practice tests and online GED study guide prepared by education experts. Your study  guide plan for the exams couldn’t be as practical and effectual as this level. 

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These GED Practice Exams are 25 queries long roughly half the length of the actual GED test day but will give you a good idea of where you’ll score on the real thing. This online testing course is designed to improve your exam prep skills so you’ll be ready for your final GED test. We aim to equip you with sufficient test data material so you’ll take the GED test like a pro.

Practice Exams for the GED by Subject

GED Math

GED Science

GED Social Studies

GED Reasoning Through Language Arts

GED Practice Tests and Tips to Pass the Exam With Flying Colors

We bring you Free GED practice tests with one goal in mind: to empower you with the knowledge and confidence to ace the exam. We want students to pass the GED test including ease and the only way to achieve this is to get access to the best GED practice exams and GED study guide prepared by school experts. Our online testing tools are engaging, taking your skills up a notch higher.

We have a Free GED Social Studies Practice Test that you can use.

GED Test Overview

Looking for more details on GED®? Learn from here: GED Study Guide!

2021 GED® Exam Overview: Correspondence to GED Practice Tests

The GED practice test online will give you an idea about the test structure and instructions. It will also help you determine which areas you’ll need to focus on. Provides special attention to areas and academic skills that you’ll find difficult. You may use this data from our education data guide to help you study more efficiently.

The 2021 GED sample test is divided into four subject-specific exams:

  1. Mathematics
  2. Social Studies
  3. Science
  4. Reasoning through Language Arts (RLA)

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The GED® Passing Score Each Subject is 145 Points
101 GED Study Guide

GED® Math Test

The Math exams are developed to evaluate practical problem-solving skills within a mathematical context. Because the test measures mathematical reasoning skills, it covers a wide range of topics.

Time Limit: 115 minutes

Test parameters:
Quantitative Problem Solving (45%)
Algebraic Problem Solving (55%)

Types of Queries:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Fill-in-the-blank
  • Drop-down
  • Hotspot
  • Drag-n-drop

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GED Practice Test Section 1: Math Practice Questions

GED math practice test


Each free GED practice test is 25 queries long, but it covers all the topics found in the actual test based on test parameters:

  • Number Line
  • GCF and LCM
  • Rules of Exponents
  • Absolute Value
  • Rational Numbers
  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Squares and Square Roots
  • Cubes and Cube Roots
  • Undefined Numbers
  • Scientific Notation
  • Mean, Median, Mode, and Range
  • Weighted Average
  • Counting Techniques
  • Determining the Probability
  • Solving Linear Equations Part
  • Multivariable Linear Equations
  • Real-World Linear Equations
  • Graphing Linear Equations

GED Math Practice Test (25 Questions)

Math Practice Test 2 (25 Questions)

Practice Test for Maths 3 (25 Questions)

GED Math Video Lessons (25 Lessons)

GED Math PreTest(25 Questions)

GED Math Practice Questions (Tons of Questions)

GED Math Practice Exam (NEW Exam)

GED Math Practice Test 2021(NEW Exam)

Check our online Math Blueprint Video Course covering every possible topic for GED Math. It includes +100 videos, +2000 practice questions and loads of education information.

GED® Social Studies Test

Time Limit: 70 minutes

Test parameters:
Civics and Government (50%)
United States History (20%)
Economics (15%)
Geography and the World (15%)

Types of Queries:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Fill-in-the-blank
  • Drop-down
  • Hotspot
  • Drag-n-drop
  • One 25-minute extended answers

More review materials on our website : GED® Science Study Guide

Practice Test Section 2: GED Social Studies Practice Questions

GED Social Studies Practice Test


This portion of Free GED practice test is covering Social Studies four major topics: civics and government (25%), local and world history (40%), economics (20%), and geography of the world (15%). The test pays particular attention on two main themes that are essential to American civics and government. These themes are the Development of Modern Liberties and Democracy and the Dynamic Responses in Societal Systems.

Specifically, you’ll need to study these topics. We cover them in our Social Studies practice section and video classes:

1. U.S. History

  • Key historical documents that have shaped American constitutional government
  • Revolutionary and Early Republic Periods
  • Civil War and Reconstruction
  • Civil Rights
  • European settlement and population of the Americas
  • World Wars I & II
  • The Cold War
  • American foreign policy since 9/11

2. Geography and the World

  • Development of classical civilizations
  • Relationships between the environment and societal development
  • Borders between peoples and nations
  • Human Migration

3. Civics and Government

  • Types of modern and historical governments
  • Principles that have contributed to the development of American constitutional democracy
  • Structure and design of the U.S. government
  • Individual rights and civic responsibilities
  • Political parties, campaigns, and elections in American politics
  • Contemporary Public Policy

 GED Social Studies Classes Online

4. Economics

  • Key economic events that have shaped American government and policies
  • Relationship between political and economic freedoms
  • Fundamental Economic Concepts
  • Microeconomics and Macroeconomics
  • Consumer economics
  • Economic causes and impacts of wars
  • Economic drivers of exploration & colonization Scientific and Industrial Revolutions

GED Social Studies Practice Test (25 Questions)

Social Studies Practice Test (25 Questions)

GED® Social Studies Lessons (10 Lessons with Sample Questions)

GED® Social Studies Practice Questions ( Tons of Questions )

GED® Science Test

Time Limit: 90 minutes

Test parameters:
Life Science (40%)
Physical Science (40%)
Earth and Space Science (20%)

Types of Queries:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Fill-in-the-blank
  • Drop-down
  • Hotspot
  • Drag-n-drop.

Section 3: GED Science Practice Tests

GED Science Practice Tests

Like the rest of the GED practice exams, the free GED practice test for science also has 25 queries covering the following topics:

  • The Scientific Method
  • Central Tendency
  • Writing Short Responses
  • Cell Processes and Energy
  • The Human Body
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Evolution and Darwin
  • Ecosystems
  • Earth’s Structure
  • Earth’s Resources

GED® Science Practice Test ( 25 Questions )

GED Science Practice Questions ( Tons of Questions )

Science Practice Lessons ( 10 Lessons with Sample Questions )

GED Science Practice Exam (NEW Exam)

GED® Reasoning Through Language Arts Test

GED® Reasoning Through Language Arts Test

Time Limit: 150 minutes

Test parameters:
Informational Texts (75%)
Literature (25%)

The Language Arts test has two components: Reading Comprehension and Writing.

We have Online Classes here: GED Reasoning Through Language Arts Guide

Types of Queries:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Fill-in-the-blank
  • Drop-down
  • Hotspot
  • Drag-n-drop
  • Short answer items
  • One 45-minute extended response

Section 4: GED Reasoning Through Language Arts Practice Exams

GED Reasoning Through Language Arts Practice Exams

Language Arts GED practice test focuses on assessing these three basic skills: the ability to read closely, the ability to write clearly, and the ability to understand and edit written English in context. Twenty-five percent of the test covers literature, while the remaining 75% is dedicated to non-fiction text derived from a wide range of workplace contexts.

The Language Arts GED stugy guide test components: reading comprehension and writing. For reading comprehension, you’ll be able to make logical inferences from the text. You must be able to demonstrate college-level ability to determine the text’s main idea, understand points of view and comprehend what words and phrases mean.

The writing question assess your ability to analyze arguments and to use evidence to prove your point. It also evaluates your ability to develop ideas and structure as well as your ability to express yourself clearly in Standard English level.

GED® Reading Practice Test (25 Questions)

GED® Writing Practice Questions (25 Questions)

GED® Reading Practice Questions (25 Questions)

GED® Reading & Writing Practice ( Tons of Questions )

GED® Reading and Writing Lessons ( 10 Lessons with Sample Queries )

GED® Practice Exam (NEW Exam)

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