GED Math Practice Test 2020

Free GED Math Practice Tests to improve your GED Scores in 2018 Math test. GED Math sample questions will help you pass your GED exam at 1st attempt. Start practicing these tests today to get ready for what’s coming in real GED Math Test. All these practice  questions are designed based on the original test.

It’s the second part of our GED Math practice test! Like the first set of our GED practice test for math, the second set aims to help you get at least 145 points or higher in the GED Math exam. We want you to become confident with your problem-solving and arithmetic skills.

Tips to GED Math Test

Scared of math word problems? Our GED Math practice test will help increase your confidence to solve real-world math problems. For example, one test question will ask you to calculate travel time from one point to another. You will also find an item that asks you to compute the total bill amount paid for a dinner.

Forgotten about decimals, fractions, and percentages? Our GED practice test for math will help you improve number sense. You will find test items that include decimal numbers and fractions. One test question asks you to compute the interest rate offered by bonds, which means you’ll also be dealing with percentages.

Not sure how to analyze data and calculate simple statistics? With our GED practice test for math, you will become comfortable with analyzing data presented to you through graphs, tables, or diagrams. Some of our word problems include these types of data to help you learn how to understand them.

Want to improve your calculation speed and accuracy? Our GED math practice test questions involve a lot of number operations and number sense. You will be asked to add, subtract, multiply or divide.

Need to remember how to use math symbols and formula and understand algebraic expression? Take our GED practice test for math and you will come across problems that need the correct formula to get the right answer. For example, you will be asked to find the perimeter of a field and you will need to use a formula here. You will also see math symbols and algebraic expressions.

Passing the GED Math test is easy as long as you’re comfortable with algebra and geometry. You must also be able to perform basic number operations, analyze data,  and calculate measurements. You’ll find all these types of questions in our GED practice test for Math. Answer the questions now and learn more through our online video lessons.