GED Practice Test for Math

The GED practice test for math has been created to help you pass the Mathematical Reasoning section of the GED exam.

To pass this section, you need to get at least 145 points. The best way to achieve this and get an even higher score is through practice. Take our practice test now and attend our GED online classes to study for the math topics included in the exam.

Want to calculate faster?

You can calculate faster by mastering foundational arithmetic skills and mathematical calculations through practice. These skills include the four basic operations, roots, basic number sense, and exponents. You will find all  these types of items in our GED practice test for math.

Tips to Improve GED Math Score

Need to practice your problem-solving skills?

Be prepared to  solve various math word problems. Our GED Math practice test includes items that will ask you to do quantitative problem solving as well as algebraic problem-solving. These problem-solving tests are the two main topics of the GED Math exam. The practice test will help you develop critical thinking skills in mathematical context.

Need to review mathematical symbols and formulas?

The focus of the GED Math test is not on memorizing formulas, but on knowing how to apply them. Our GED practice test for math will help you understand how to use math  symbols and formulas. Some of our test questions will require you to use formulas and interpret symbols correctly to arrive at the right answer. For example, one of the test items would ask you to find the area of a cardboard. This question needs you to use the right mathematical formula to get the correct answer.

Find it hard to understand charts and graphs?

Our GED math practice test includes test items with graphs, charts, diagrams, and tables. You will be asked to analyze and compare visual data to solve a problem.

Ready to study?

Take our practice test at your own pace. If you want to challenge yourself, we suggest using a timer while answering the test. Give yourself a time limit to answer each question. This will also help you work faster during the exam. Remember, you will only have 115 minutes to finish the actual GED Math test.