Magoosh SAT Review

Magoosh offers an online test prep with tons of practice questions, plenty of practice tests, and hundreds of video lessons that include every exam topic. They also promise a 100-point score improvement guarantee as well as several great features like a free trial and a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.
magoosh sat review

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If you’re hoping to crush the SAT (or do much better than your last exam), you might want to check out Magoosh’s SAT prep course.

SAT Prep Course
Zero Risk, 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

Is Magoosh SAT prep worth the price?

If you are looking to get a one-on-one tutor or attend an in-person class, then Magoosh may not be the right fit for you. But, if you want one of the top SAT prep courses at an unbelievable price, then Magoosh has got you covered. Enroll in their twelve-month prep course now, and you’ll get tons of features—all for only $129. That’s only $10 more than their three-month course. Their prep course also works seamlessly across all of your devices—from PC to phone to tablet—iOS and Android!

If you have 20 minutes a day to invest in your goal to crush the SAT, then Mogoosh is definitely worth the price!

About Magoosh, Inc.

While studying for the GMAT, Pejman Pour-Moezzi and Vikram Shenoy came up with the idea of a test-prep company with crowd-sourced questions and answers. In 2009, Magoosh was born and has offered affordable, quality educational services for all of the top entrance exams. From SAT and ACT to GRE and GMAT, they have helped millions of students improve their scores with their lineup of high-quality test-prep programs. Magoosh is also a great company—they have twice won the award “Best Places to Work in the Bay Area.”

Magoosh SAT Pros and Cons


  • Affordability and Flexibility
  • High-Quality Course Materials
  • Score Improvement Guarantee
  • Stellar Customer Support
  • Lots of Questions and Practice Tests
  • Engaging classes led by a 99th-percentile SAT instructor
  • 16 hours of live instruction


  • No Online Live or Tutoring Programs
  • No Essay Evaluation
  • No Instructor Guidance

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magoosh sat reviews

Things to consider before buying Magoosh

Magoosh is the one test prep course that consistently ranks near the top in head-to-head comparisons with its competition. If you want to go to an entirely online platform and like to study on your own or learn best by watching video lessons, then Mogoosh is the perfect fit for you.

Here are some things you need to think about before you buy the Magoosh SAT course:

  • Are you looking for a great value?
  • Do you want study sessions that adapt to your skill and pace?
  • Do you want to know your SAT score before the exam?
  • Do you want guaranteed score improvement?
  • Are you too busy during the day to find time for in-person or live online classes?
  • Are you a self-studier who likes to study and review at your own pace?
  • Do you learn best by watching videos?

If you answered yes to these questions, Magoosh might be the right course for you. Read on to check out the top features and benefits of enrolling in one of the best SAT test prep programs out there! We’ve done all the research, all you have to do is make your decision. If you want to know what other options you have, see our Best SAT Prep Courses here.

Features & Benefits

Magoosh SAT is an awesome value! Their prep course provides high-quality study material at an economical price. For $100, you’ll get a 1-month subscription to their program, and their 3-month program is just $119. They offer an unbelievable deal for their 12-month package. For just $129, you get 12 months of access to Magoosh SAT Prep premium content and features. You’ll also get online help from tutors, stellar customer support, prep schedules, study plans, the score predictor, and a 100-point score improvement guarantee.

Very flexible and customizable

The Magoosh SAT prep course is 100% online and self-paced. You decide when, where, and how you want to study. They will even send you a text to remind you when its time to study. The course also offers study schedules and checklists to keep you motivated and on-task. You won’t find a more flexible program. You can use Magoosh on every platform from your laptop (iOS and PC) to your mobile devices (iOS and Android). Just connect to the internet, and you’re all set!

Magoosh offers a customizable platform that is exceptionally user-friendly and designed to customize your learning experience, giving you a great deal of flexibility. Their dashboard makes navigating all of the sections of the website clear, and your progress is easy to follow.

magoosh sat review

A personalized dashboard to guide you

One of Magoosh’s best features is its intuitive dashboard. As soon as you sign in, your dashboard is front and center and changes as you move through the course. You can actually see your progress and how you stack up to other students taking the course. Your dashboard tracks your learning by showing you “Suggested Lessons” based on the areas you may need more practice on. You can also see an outline of your results and your predicted score for the English, math, reading, and science areas. You can track your performance based on time, difficulty, and subject, so you’ll know exactly what to concentrate on next—a real time-saver!

magoosh sat prep

Study plans customized just for you

When preparing your Magoosh SAT study plan and sessions, their smart review system lets you customize your practice based on your own specific needs. You can select the level of difficulty, number/types of review problems, and the subject areas you want to focus on next time. By going to the “practice mode,” you can get explanations (video and text) to the problems. The “quiz mode” is to see if you really know your stuff, and you won’t see explanations. Use the study tracker feature to keep track of the quantity of material you’ve worked on and how long you’ve studied. For even more fine-tuning, follow one of their study schedules; you’ll see how your score improves right on your dashboard.

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You get more than just text explanations

You’ll get much more than a text explanation to the answers. Magoosh also offers expert video explanations, links to other lessons that may help explain the problem in a way you can understand, and a section where you can take personalized notes on just on that problem.

Video Explanations

In addition to text explanations, the Magoosh prep course provides a video explanation. This feature makes it the platform for acing the SAT. The 1 – 3-minute videos go more in-depth than the text explanations. It clarifies and visualizes the answer, making difficult answers much easier to understand. This is really helpful in the math section, where it is sometimes hard to grasp the written explanation. Watching how the problem is solved is so much more valuable than just reading how to complete it.

magoosh sat prep reviews

Related Lessons and Personalized Notes Section

If you still have questions after you have finished the problem, read the explanation, and watched the video, Magoosh SAT will link you to one or more of the related lessons to help you understand the problem. If you want to take notes about a specific problem, you don’t have to stop and grab pen and paper. In the Notes section, you can type anything you want to help you remember something about the question or highlight that question for review. This feature comes in handy when you just learned something difficult, or you are struggling with this concept. You can come back to the question later and work it out.

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The Magoosh SAT App is awesome

Your subscription allows you access to your course from your laptop, smartphone (both iOS and Android), and your tablet. Using the Magoosh SAT App, you have access to your entire course anywhere, anytime! The free app lets you work on practice questions, watch video lessons, and get expert advice—all from your mobile browser.

sat prep apps

Practice with Magoosh flashcards “on the go”

You can master English and math concepts on the go with Magoosh’s innovative flashcards. You get free access to 200+ flashcards for English, math, and science concepts. Using their app is a proven way to help you review and master the content. They have experts who have picked out the most common and key topics that the College Board includes on the exam. They designed the flashcards to work on all devices (iOS and Android). Your SAT flashcards are always with you so you can study anywhere, anytime.

sat prep app

One-of-a-kind score predictor

Magoosh SAT prep has a feature that you won’t find in any other course—a score predictor. This cool feature is helpful because it’s always displayed on your dashboard, displaying your possible SAT score. You’ll need to answer at least 50 questions in a section before it’ll show you your score estimate. The more questions you complete, the more accurate your predicated score will be.

Score improvement guarantee or your money back

Magoosh is so confident that your scores will increase, they offer a no-questions-asked score improvement guarantee. If your total test score does not improve by 100 points, they’ll give you a full refund.

You must meet all of their requirements to qualify for their score improvement guarantee:

  • You must have a previous score before studying with Magoosh.
  • You must email them a copy of your “Before” score report when you sign up. You can just scan or send a screenshot of your official score report and email it to them.

Tons of valuable free resources

Many top test prep courses offer free resources, but Magoosh kicks it up a notch! Their SAT Resources Page contains a wide range of things to help guide you on your path to ace the SAT. You will find a massive collection of free information and guidance as well as links to their study apps, full-length practice tests, study plans, the SAT blog, and even a YouTube channel dedicated to everything Magoosh. You can even find video explanations for the official SAT practice tests from the College Board.

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Risk-free trial and money-back guarantee

To see if the Magoosh SAT prep course is the one for you, they offer a free seven-day trial. The trial includes access to a free practice account with over 100 of their lessons and practice questions. You can see if the self-guided style and video explanations fit your learning style and schedule. It’s always best to try before you buy. If you enroll in any one of the courses and are not completely satisfied, you can get a full refund in the first seven days.

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Outstanding customer support

Taking care of its students is a hallmark of Magoosh. Their reputation for speedy and thorough responses to students’ issues is well-known. Once you log in, you’ll see the ever-present built-in Help tab displayed on the bottom right of your screen. This feature makes it a breeze to submit your question as soon as it comes up. You won’t even have to stop that you are working on to ask your question.

Magoosh SAT Prep also offers 24/7 email support. This feature is helpful when you get stuck or just need some extra help. They have experts standing by to help anytime, day or night!

What do other students say about Magoosh SAT prep?

One of the surest ways to find out if an SAT test prep course is worth the cost is to see what other students and parents say about the program. Here are just a few endorsements from users who praise the quality of the Magoosh course:

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SAT Prep Course
Zero Risk, 7-Day Money Back Guarantee


Overall, the Magoosh course is one of the best SAT prep courses on the market. It’s a flexible and affordable option for students who want to improve their test scores. Since it is all self-paced, you must be motivated and disciplined enough to stay with it to the end. Magoosh’s money-back guarantee shows just how confident they are that you will ace the SAT after using their course. If you don’t show a score improvement of at least 100 points, Magoosh will give you a full refund. Sign up for their 7-day risk-free offer and try it out for yourself. You won’t be sorry!

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