GRE vs GMAT (Full Differences)

Tests are a perfect way to evaluate oneself and push the limits of knowledge and skills. Gre and Gmat are crucial tests that a student can take to get admission to the desired university.

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Students who want to excel in business and other respectful fields should absolutely take the opportunity to get the highest test scores possible. Both the the GMAT and GRE tests are great tests to have completed, but whish is right for you?

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What is the GRE?

what is gre

Gre is an acronym for Graduate Record Examination. The examination is mostly accepted by Universities of the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. However, other countries can welcome Gre also based on their requirements. Specific dates for Gre are undefined. They may be given all year round, depending on the type. GRE has a total time of 3 hours and 45 minutes. The result of this test is validated for up to five years. Two kinds of GREs are facilitated.


Gre is conducted on a paper sheet three times in a year. Tests dates can fall in October, November, and February, but the months may change. There are test centers that hold the potential to carry out the examination process.


The Gre exam can be given on a computer at any selected examination center. Dates of the test may be chosen without any restrictions and at any time. The Gre exams may be carried once every 21 days. A candidate can appear in a GRE five times in a 12-month tenure.

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Test Pattern of GRE

Gre has three components in total. By discussing them in a particular and uncomplicated way, the following are the three components.

Analytical Writing Assessment

Analytical writing has two topics on which a candidate has to write. The Gre essay section focuses on the analysis of the argument and the analysis of the issue presented. Analysis of the task and its possible solution is expected from the candidate. Analytical writing is a crucial aspect of Gre that a candidate have go through. Sixty minutes are provided for this component.

Quantitative Reasoning

Gre has a quantitative writing and reasoning  component that has a total of 20 questions. The quantitative section has MCQs from which the best option needs to be selected. The answer can be more than one. Gre quantitative section pivots on the numerical data entry and quantitative comparison. The quantitative section is for 35 minutes.

Verbal Reasoning

Verbal and quantitative components are similar to each other in terms of the number of questions. The verbal section has 20 questions, which constitutes comprehension reading, sentence equivalence, and text completion. This section evaluates how well a candidate can extract and work with the meaning and information from the text.

Gre Scores

The analytical writing section has Gre score of 0-6 with a half-point increment. Quantitative section Gre scores range between 130- 170 with a one-point increase. The verbal and quantitative sections are similar in terms of ratings. Gre scores of Verbal section is 130-170 points with a one-point increment.

Gre Fee

Gre adopts a feasible fee structure for the exam. It is $205 for the general Gre exam and $150 for the Gre subject test globally.

What is Gmat?

what is gmat

Graduate Management Admission Test is an entirely computer-based test. Gmat has a pervasive and elaborated pattern for the candidate. Smart work is the key to having a good Gmat score. Gmat is specifically for business schools. A student who desires to make a fruitful career in business can give Gmat to get into the best business schools. A school that requires it publishes specific guidelines for the candidates. Test conducting time is 3 hours and 30 minutes. Gmat tests are conducted frequently twice a day from Monday to Friday. However, September to December is the optimum period to take the Gmat. The total chances to allow this exam are only eight to get into a school. Registering for the exam is easy.

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A notepad

Candidates are given a notebook and a pen to do rough work or jot down important points. Otherwise, Gmat is solely an adaptive computer test accepted by business schools for admissions.

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The pattern of GMAT

Top-notch business schools prefer students that get a good score in their GMAT exams. To understand it better, here is the pattern of the questions in the GMAT examination.

Analytical Writing Assessment

The analytical writing section possesses a vital role in this exam for a business school. The systematic writing section assessment aims to measure the critical thinking of the student and the methods to communicate their ideas. Aspirants are expected to use their imaginative skills to think out of the box and perform exceptionally. They have to present the analysis of the argument. It is how the analytical writing section determines a good score in the exam. The part is of 30 minutes.

Integrated Reasoning

The integrated reasoning section differentiates a suitable candidate from the rest when getting admission to a business school. It is possible by the skills of the aspirant to answer specific questions. The integrated has a graphical interpretation, table analysis, multi-source reasoning, and two-part analysis. The integrated section measures the sills to evaluate data and integrate information in different formats by analyzing it. The reasoning section filters out suitable students from the thousands of applicants. There are a total of 12 questions for 30 minutes.

Quantitative Reasoning

Quantitative section reasoning is another portion of the section. To increase the GMAT scores and get admission to a business school, a student should perform spectacularly in the quantitative section reasoning. This part aims to synthesize a suitable solution by analyzing the data using in-depth analysis and reasoning skills. Questions are related to data sufficiency and problem-solving. The section has 31 problems that a candidate solves in 62 minutes.

Verbal Reasoning

The verbal section measures the candidate’s skills to read and evaluate the written text and comprehend it extensively. In this section, the examiner expects from the aspirant to correct the wrong statement to form a correct standard English version. The verbal section also is a critical section of the reasoning section. The majority of the questions in a test of this section are of reading comprehension and sentence correction. Sixty-five minutes are given to solve 36 problems.

Gmat Score

gmat score

It has the following score range that business schools accept.

  1. The analytical writing has GMAT scores that range from 0-6. A candidate must have good scores to get admission to a top business school.
  2. Integrated reasoning and writing sections enable the student to get scores between 1-8 in a test. Good schools prefer better scores in this section.
  3. Verbal and Quantitative both have a score between 6-51 in a GMAT. A high GMAT scores in this section have a greater chance of securing a seat in one of the best business schools.

Is it better to take GMAT or GRE for MBA programs?

It is one of the most widely asked questions. To answer this, let us break down the issue. During the comparison of Gre and Gmat, a lot of factors play a role. For someone who wants to take MBA programs as a studying field, the best test to give would be Gmat. Gmat holds a gold standard for MBA programs. The main reason for this is the capacity of the GMAT exam to be synched in with the business field. Gmat has the primary function to facilitate the aspirants who want to take up business as their profession. Through Gmat, a candidate can get into the best business schools for a bright future. For MBA specifically, the GMAT average score varies depending on the school. So why is Gmat better than GRE for MBA programs? Here’s why.

  • Gmat exam has the curriculum that lines best with the business career.
  • Candidates who have already studied business career will find it easier to prepare for a test that is made for MBA programs and other business-related programs.

However, Gmat doesn’t need to be only acceptable for MBA programs. Some Universities accept Gre instead of Gmat when it comes to admission in MBA programs. The decision of which test to take depends on the university type. In a discussion of GRE and Gmat, University plays a significant role in determining which test to take.

Do MBA programs accept Gre?

Yes, candidates can take GRE to learn MBA programs. While discussing Gmat vs. GRE conundrum, now it is not entirely necessary that business schools only accept Gmat for admission. In recent years, GRE has been allowed as an alternative test to Gmat. But it all comes down to the school or an institute you’re applying in. There are many GRE to GMAT conversion tools on the internet that changes test takers score quickly from one test score to others.

Which is easier, GMAT or Gre?

Which is easier GMAT or Gre

In a Gre and GMAT comparison, which test is more natural? To put it in simplest terms, it strictly depends on test takers preparation for the test they want to take. During Gmat and GRE, the opinions are subjective and may vary from person to person. However, in the Gmat and GRE race, candidates find the GRE simpler to take. The reasons are.


The GMAT and GRE  comparison problem can be resolved by understanding both. Gre test that candidates take is said to be less complicated and mind-boggling as compared to Gmat. Gre exam questions focus more on the language and its analysis as compared to the GMAT exam, which concentrates more on analytical math. It makes GRE more acceptable as compared to the later.

Easier math

easier math

The math of the GRE examination is said to be more comfortable, and test takers can use a calculator during the GRE. But when you take Gmat, quant math is tough, and one is not allowed to use a calculator. The math of Gmat is very conceptual. It makes the Gmat more complicated when talking about Gmat and GRE comparison.

Less variability

When talking about the GRE and Gmat in terms of easiness, the GRE examination is considered to wind since the test has less variability per question as compared to the GMAT examination. Gmat test is more challenging to take as each question gets more challenging and tests your knowledge deeply.

Advanced Gmat

There are some advanced topics in the GMAT exam that ultimately make the GRE simpler. Resolving the Gmat vs. GRE issue, the GRE exam that aspirants take is comfortable and holds concepts that are not new.

Gmat focuses on grammar

Gmat focuses more on grammar, which numerous people find stressful. The comparison of Gmat and GRE can be resolved due to this fact. Gre test that students take comprises more of vocabulary questions.

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Gmat and GRE general overview

Both tests are generally competitive and challenging. Some of the factors that set the GRE test apart from the GMAT tests are discussed below.

  • There is no going back to the previous option in a GMAT. But in a GRE test, test takers can go back to whichever choice they want and change the answer. It is a significant difference in Gmat vs. GRE discussion.
  • Take the GRE examination, and test takers can apply to a plethora of universities with the same score. However, the GMAT is acceptable in business schools mostly. It is a major complexity faced by a candidate.
  • Gmat scores range from 200-800, but the GRE scores lie between 260-340 points. It is a factor that significantly distinguishes each in the discussion.
  • Gre test has two additional components when compared to Gmat. There is an unscored section and research section.
  • Gmat test is conducted for a time of 3 hours and 30 minutes. But the GRE exam lasts for 3 hours and 45 minutes only. GMAT vs. GRE enigma is resolved through this factor.
  • Gmat examination verbal component places greater emphasis on logic and reasoning, but GRE verbal section focusses more on the vocabulary part. It makes it simpler for native English speakers to attempt the section.

GMAT vs GRE, both hold a significant position. Each has pros and cons to it. It all comes down to the hard work, smartness, and preparation of a candidate that can make a difference in the end.

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