Magoosh Gmat Review

Magoosh online GMAT prep course one of the best on the market, if you're a self-motivated learner looking to improve your score by over 50 points. There are a number of different plans for you to choose from and naturally, their intensiveness dictates their price. They have all the previous practice tests available in their premium plan. This includes video tutorials and with purchase, you'll get access for a whole year. This is by far their most popular option.
magoosh gmat review

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At Test Prep Toolkit, we highly recommend the Magoosh premium GMAT prep course as it is highly affordable and we have seen great first-hand improvements in GMAT scores. They have a score improvement guarantee, are extremely user-friendly, they have detailed explanations and a sleek interface.

Gmat Prep Course
7 Day & 50 Point Improvement Money Back Guarantee

What is Magoosh?

Magoosh is a gamechanger. By providing the shortest path between you and the acceptance letter, the product specializes in better adaptability and excellence for the preparation of Gmat. The perfect plan to improve your GMAT score is laid by the expert and adept developers of the product. It is for individuals who are self-studiers, students looking for more practice, video enthusiasts, and busy professionals.

Purpose of Magoosh Gmat prep

The goal of Magoosh Gmat prep is to make the exam more accessible by providing you with an in-depth knowledge of Gmat [1]. The product’s Gmat prep aims to develop an ability in its aspirants to chalk out the best solution to the problems and practice questions.

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Magoosh practice tests are designed in a way to make it readily available for everyone on any device. A student can study from anywhere, anytime, and on any electronic device. The prep course of Magoosh Gmat adapts to any platform provided. There is also email assistance provided by the Magoosh team if you get stuck somewhere. The GMAT prep of Magoosh is suitable for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

They even have a free trial here.


Magoosh has a way of simplifying things. It makes the lessons digestible and engaging for better grasping of concepts. By providing all the shortcuts and pitfalls of the course, Magoosh ensures success. It has customizable practice questions that simulate real-life test problems. The intelligent algorithm detects the weaknesses of an aspirant and transforms them strengths.


Magoosh also believes in providing the optimum experience and maximum result with an affordable and ethical price package. Magoosh prides itself in providing the very economical packages to its customers as compared to its competitors. Magoosh guarantees passionate score improvement by 50 points.

Is Magoosh any good?

Magoosh believes that a student deserves to question since questioning opens doors to learning. Yes! Magoosh is a good and most authentic online tutoring website. Magoosh prep course is well versed and sufficiently extensive. The reason to believe that Magoosh is true to its core and purpose is that:

300 lessons

Magoosh Gmat prep has a comprehensive and expansive array of lessons that cover every topic. A student can easily acquire knowledge by clicking on the desired subject. The lessons are easily understandable and responsive.

1250 questions

Magoosh Gmat prep course has more than 1250 questions that aim the student to achieve a high score in Gmat. The prep course provides similar problems, including sentence correction for practice, which has a more probability of coming in the real exam.

Full-length tests

The specialty of the Magoosh Gmat prep course is the full-length tests. They are vast and comprehensive. A student can practice on a full-length test and gain the confidence to perform to his fullest in the real test. It gives a wide-ranging topic wise test to equip and prepare the candidate for the actual challenge adequately.

Video lessons

Magoosh provides high-quality studying material, which is not limited to reading only. Students can learn impressive new skills, study hacks, and tricks to study smartly via video lessons. In this way, the GMAT score is improved as the video lessons can be slowed down if the concepts and very advance for you. You can catch up and absorb everything with the help of video lessons. The video explanations can scrape away the doubts you have in your mind regarding any topic. Grasp the pure Gmat knowledge by the aid of video explanations.

Study schedule

Magoosh Gmat prep has devised a susceptive and persuadable study schedule to help the students get along at a steady pace. The study plan aims to achieve a maximum outcome by working together with the student to stay on track.

Score predictor

Magoosh Gmat prep has an adept and an accurate score predictor that predicts the score rigorously. The sophisticated score predictor can help you to know where you stand and how much effort is required to achieve a better score.

Email Support from experts

If you ever find yourself in hot waters or troubled by any question, Magoosh offers a 24/7 personal assistance from experts who will not rest until your issue is resolved. Their professionalism is genuine and authentic. The student’s predicament can is fixed at priority.

Is Magoosh good for Gmat?

Magoosh is the top-notch online learning platform that changes the thinking perspective of a student. Magoosh GMAT reviews are positive about its outcomes and achievements. The test prep and practice questions handed down to students are contrived and mobilized by a team of experts. Magoosh feels proud to help the students in sentence correction and quantitative reasoning. An aspirant can learn more about it on the GMAT club forum. Magoosh is a valuable asset that adapts continuously to drastic changes and provides the most fundamental questions and their solutions to the students. Traverse through the Gmat club for the review and get impressed by the question bank of Magoosh GMAT. Product reviews GMAT [2] can be found all over the internet, so that can help you in getting a second opinion as well. By using this product, a student can practice tests and perform marvelously in practice exams. It will give the aspirant the courage to prove his caliber and merit in the actual Gmat after test prep. Test prep is devised in such a fashion to accomplish the best score that a student desire.

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Studying process

Magoosh Gmat review speaks very highly of it due to its ability to provide best practice tests. Test prep conducted by the Magoosh GMAT club follows a strict pattern to enforce maximum quality and easiness in a test prep course. There are types of studying processes that it comprises of are the following.

Guided study

Guided study process provides tutoring plus premium package combined. The course offers with best predictable questions on Gmat to ensure a maximum score. The package has the following features.


  1. Six hours of coaching will cost $660 in which the GMAT club will give the questions related to all the parts of Gmat, including sentence completion.
  2. 1-1 video chat session helps the student to get the full attention of the professor during the GMAT course. All questions are given vast importance. It increases the chances to score better in the GMAT exam.
  3.  Flexible scheduling is a crucial aspect of the GMAT course that is discussed in the review of various leading websites. Gmat exams were never this easier with the help of practice problems offered by the Magoosh GMAT course. You can choose the time of your liking whenever you want. There is no compulsion.
  4. A student can start within a week or less depending on the availability of him and the GMAT course slot.


Gmat course by this product, as stated in the review, offers the following content in the guided study.

  1. The GMAT course has access to Math, Verbal, IR, and AWA. There is a high standard material for each section that is carefully structured by the Gmat experts.
  2.  A student can access all of the 340 video lessons, 1300 practice problems, at least two full-length practice tests, and a proper study timetable.


The following are the characteristics that the GMAT course often discussed in the Magoosh GMAT review.

  1. The user can have one year of access to all the helping material, notes, and questions for practice.
  2. Magoosh Gmat team guarantees a score above 50 if you follow all the plans successfully.
  3. A student can even pause his course plan if he has some issues. It will, however, be dealt with as soon as the team can.
  4. The course comes with a price of $799.


The self-study course of Gmat offered by the product has the following salient aspects.


The content of self-study includes

  1. Access to math and IR content only is the aspect of the self-study GMAT course.
  2.  The GMAT club agrees that it has 175 video lessons, 720 practice questions but no practice tests.
  3. There are study schedules to help the student stay on track.


The following are the features of self-study by using Magoosh GMAT.

  1. An aspirant can have one year of access to all the content he has access to in the self-study plan.
  2. There is a guarantee of a three-plus math score by the experienced team of the product.
  3. There is email assistance as well to aid a student.
  4. Pausing of the plan is the liberty given to the student.
  5. The price for this plan is $219.

Is Magoosh harder than the actual Gmat?

The product is recommendable on the GMAT review list due to specific reasons. Yes, It is made harder and tricky as compared to the original Gmat. It covers a wide range of difficulty from easy to hard. Easy is below 400 at the old scoring scale, and hard is above 700. The product is designed to help the user master the basics. It gives the students a shot to get the projected score. There is a difficulty level for each question. It is because

Critical Analysis

Magoosh is harder than the actual Gmat, and because of this, the candidates develop the ability to think critically. Students who put faith in the product can solve any type of question given to them. It is due to their effective problem-solving technique taught by the course of Gmat.

Enhanced problem solving

The score of students gets higher because of their tireless practice of problem-solving questions. The candidates go through extensive training and tricks to smartly diffuse a tense situation during an exam.The alleviated problem-solving techniques are taught by the most talented and highly educated tutors.

Enhanced confidence

Candidates who study from this product have better confidence in themselves and their prep. The aspirant believes that he can achieve anything if he put his mind to it. It is how a candidate becomes ready at all times during the exams and performs the best to get admission to the best schools.

Gmat Prep Course
7 Day & 50 Point Improvement Money Back Guarantee

How does it work?

Figuring out the procedure to work and study with it is very simple. Just follow the steps explained below.

  • Sign up

Sign up on the Magoosh official website with a valid email address and receive a welcome email by the team.

  • Complete the form

You then have to complete the form provided online by the team, which will ask for your background and needs.

  •  Skype or phone call

The next step is to set a date and time for the tutoring session to begin with via a skype or phone call.

  • Tutor

A tutor will then contact you via email and ask you some procedural questions.

  • Session commencement

The tutor will prepare the session to start the process.

  •  Tutoring Session

A tutor will then complete one hour of a tutoring session.

Comparison of Magoosh Gmat with others

Magoosh is considered the best of all its competitors since it strives for excellence at all times. The following are how this is proved that Magoosh provides the best solution to modern problems.

  • With Kaplan

Magoosh price is $249, but Kaplan has a cost of GMAT course at $799. Magoosh has video and text explanations for all the questions. However, Kaplan does not have this liberty. It does not have any video explanation for the questions. Kaplan has no course demo, but Magoosh has it.There is no fully sortable question history of Kaplan as compared to Magoosh. Kaplan also has no score predictor. You can check out our Magoosh vs Kaplan GRE here for our full comparison

  • With Princeton Review

It has a price range of $499, which is remarkably higher than Magoosh. Princeton review also has no video or text explanation for questions. There is no mobile app for this review. This program does not have flags or marking systems, unlike Magoosh. It does not have any score predictor as well.

  • With eGmat

It is another online company that is responsible for testing and prep. The price for subscription is $299, which is higher than the Magoosh. It does not provide any score guarantee. There is no video and text explanation of difficult questions. There are no flag cards or mobile app for it. It doe not that a fully sortable question history as compared to our top option. There is no score predictor as well.

  • With Target test prep Gmat

It starts at $399 and does not have any money-back guarantee. It does not have a video explaining the problematic questions. There are no flashcards or mobile app for this.

  • With Manhattan prep

Manhattan prep is the most expensive online course program at $999, but it has no money-back guarantee. There is also no score guarantee. It also has no video explanation of the difficult questions. There is no fully sortable question history and score predictor.

  • With Veritas

Veritas starts at $699, having a midrange. It has every feature except the video and text explanation of hard questions, score predictor, and flashcards. Besides this, it is similar to the Magoosh reviews GMAT prep course.

Gmat Prep Course
7 Day & 50 Point Improvement Money Back Guarantee

It was the fully optimized Magoosh GMAT review that will help a student in following a path of success.





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