GED Practice Test For Science Exam

Our GED practice test for Science, along with our GED online lessons, will help you better understand scientific concepts and processes.

Many test-takers feel they’re not ready to take the GED Science test. This is because science, much like math, is considered to be a difficult subject by many students. And it’s not surprising. Science has a lot of technical terms and theories that can be challenging to understand.

Has science always been a tough subject for you?

Science can be a hard subject to learn because many of its concepts are abstract. In other words, they’re hard to imagine or apply in real life. For example, it’s hard to visualize how cells carry out functions or how chemicals are made.

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Can no longer remember important science concepts from high school?

Another challenging part of studying science is remembering terms that you don’t get to hear every day. By taking our GED Science practice tests and watching our GED online lessons, you will become familiar with the words that are often used in the science-related text. You will begin to know words like equilibrium, density, hypothesis, enzyme, and more.

Scared of equations, graphs, and charts?

Taking our practice test will introduce you again to tables, graphs, charts, and equations. You will learn how to interpret data from these.

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Not sure how to design an experiment or write a simple scientific explanation?

Our GED Science practice test and online lessons will give you the confidence to do both. The questions in the practice test and the video lessons cover the three main topics of the GED Science exam: Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth and Space Science. The questions are also phrased in a way that will help you know how experiments are designed. From these questions, you will discover how to write a hypothesis, analyze data, and draw a conclusion.

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