Number Sense and Problem Solving

Number sense and problem-solving are a big component of the GED Math test because you need both skills to be able to answer questions that focus on quantitative problem-solving and algebraic problem-solving.

Number sense is the foundation of your math skills as it refers to your ability to understand numbers and their relationships. It also refers to your ability to use them. For example, your number sense will help you determine the magnitude of things or make judgments and decisions based on numbers.

Your ability to perform the four basic operations on numbers also falls under number sense. To study the topic of the GED test, you need to learn different methods for computing, practice the ability to calculate mentally without the use of calculators or pen and paper and learn how to reason in terms of numbers. Taking this GED practice test for number sense and problem- solving will let you practice computing using the four basic operations.

For problem-solving, the GED test focuses on questions that you can easily apply to real-world settings. Math problems are solved every day. Some activities where you can find real-world math problems are budgeting, managing time, estimating travel time and distance, estimating prices, and even making or following cooking recipes.

What to Expect From the Number Sense and Problem-Solving GED Practice Test

In this GED practice test, you will be able to answer questions that build your number sense and problem-solving skills. These questions may involve:

  1. Performing the four basic math operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) on numbers.
  2. Solving real-world math problems using a step-by-step process.
  3. Solving Equations.
  4. Solving word problems that may involve two or more steps to get the correct answer.
  5. Calculating distance, time, and speed.
  6. Calculating the cost

Answering number sense and problem-solving questions builds your foundational skills for other branches of mathematics like algebra and geometry, which are also included in the GED test. It is necessary to master these basic skills to be able to move forward to the other branches of mathematics with ease.
By answering this GED practice test, you will be able to become familiar with the types of number sense and problem-solving questions you might encounter during the exam and assess the level of your skills. It is also ideal to take this practice test after you have watched our GED video lessons to check how much you have understood them. The questions in this test will help you understand how to put the techniques and methods you have learned into practice.