Decimals and Fractions

This GED practice test contains exercises on fractions and decimals. Fractions are numerical quantities that are used to represent a part of a whole. It splits up a whole into parts. A decimal includes a whole number and a part of a whole number. It is expressed on the scale of tens.

In many cases, students get scared of fractions and decimals because the way you compute whole numbers is different from how you compute decimals and fractions. A student who is struggling with fractions and decimals may also have not learned how to apply them in the real-world setting, which is what the GED Math test questions are all about.

There are different types of fractions: proper fractions, improper fractions, and mixed numbers. This GED practice test includes questions that will check and exercise your ability to add, subtract, multiply or divide all types of fractions and also decimals. You will also be able to practice changing between decimals and fractions.

What to Expect from the Decimals and Fractions GED Practice Test

This GED practice test was created to help you become confident in calculating and answering word problems with decimals and fractions. The questions in this test may ask you to do the following:

  1. Order fractions and decimals, including on a number line.
  2. Perform operations with decimals and fractions.
  3. Change between improper fraction and mixed number form.
  4. Perform operations with fractions and mixed numbers.
  5. Raise and reduce fractions.
  6. Convert decimals to fractions.
  7. Convert fractions to decimals.
  8. Answer word problems involving fractions and decimals.

The key to studying fractions and decimals is by first building your basic number sense and problem-solving skills, then understanding the concept of fractions and decimals. See how they are used in real life, such as in cooking, shopping or managing time and others. Fractions, in particular, are used in many science and construction industries.
After watching our video lessons, this decimals and fractions GED practice test will be able to test how well you understand the two concepts and how to solve math problems with fractions and decimals. This quiz will also help you build strong fraction and decimal skills as you answer the exercises.