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Last summer, 37% of a farmer’s cherry tree crop was destroyed from a rare tree virus. If the farmer had 2,700 cherry trees at the beginning of the season, how many trees remain?

A. 999
B. 1701
C. 790
D. 970

Question 2 | GED Math Practice Test 3

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A camp reviews their budget for their summer program. In which month did they have the lowest profit?


A. May
B. June
C. May and June
D. July

Question 3 | GED Math Practice Test 3

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Four homes on one block are for sale. Their their asking prices are listed below:

Which house brings down the mean asking price in the neighborhood?

A. House 1
B. House 2
C. House 3
D. House 4

Question 4 | GED Math Practice Test 3

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A man creates in his yard for his home that measures 12 ft by 12 ft. He then paves a cross path through the center that is two foot thick. In order to buy planting soil, he needs to determine the area of actual planting space. What is the area of new garden space?


A. 48 ft2
B. 64 ft2
C. 86 ft2
D. 100 ft2

Question 5 | GED Math Practice Test 3

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Sam takes out a loan from the bank for 12,500 for a new car. The simple yearly interest on his loan is 15%. He plans to pay off the loan over 5 years, which is 60 month payments. What would Sam’s monthly payment be?

A. $156.25
B. $364.58
C. $276.98
D. 306.58