A Non-Math Genius’ Guide About How To Get A High GRE Math Score


You might be looking for tips about how to get a high GRE Math score. Obtaining such tips is crucial, but you have to consider those that are effective and proven. You’ll need to get hold of the right tips about how to get a high GRE Math score so that you can finally set foot to study in the Graduate School of your dreams.

The following tips about how to get a high GRE Math score are best applied on the GRE practice tests that you’ll be taking in your test prep. You can get hold of credible and up-to-date GRE practice tests from reliable online GRE study guides, including the Powerpreps software from the ETS website or augment it with a trusty test prep resource like TestPrep Toolkit. Here below are the aforementioned tips:

1. Don’t rush when reading the Math word problems.

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Just one or a couple of words can make the difference in rendering a correct or wrong answer in a test item. The key when it comes to Math word problems in the GRE is to better understand the principles that belie a question. You, therefore, shouldn’t rush when dealing with the English to Math concepts in the GRE Math test.

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2. Be judicious when using the calculator.

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If you can, avoid using the calculator when tackling questions in the GRE Quant section. The fact is that you can actually answer most of the questions in a maximum of 3 minutes sans the use of a calculator. Simple calculations tend to be required in solving many Math test items, and doing so can save you a lot of time.

3. Spend only a maximum of 2 minutes in answering each of the questions.

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The time limit for completing the GRE Quantitative Reasoning or Math section is 35 minutes. Twenty questions comprise the whole test. You can accomplish most of the items in a matter of 1 or 2 minutes. Don’t dawdle in a particular question. If it is tricky, guess accordingly and move on to the next number.

4. Consider all of the pertinent information indicated in the Math Comp items.

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What are the variables, phrases and key numbers mentioned in a Quant Comp question? Note them in a scratch pad. Refrain from merely scanning the screen and solving the question from then. Be mindful that Quant Comp items are not like Problem Solving questions and they likely do not require any Math to tackle at all. Be strategic in handling questions in this section and reckon why you are given such centered data.

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5. Apply the process of backsolving if the answer choices contain numbers.

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This is specifically useful if you’re dealing with Problem Solving questions. As you take note of each of the answer choices, plug every one of them in the question. Letters B and D ought to be your starting points. Your first bout of calculations is inclined to be 40% correct, so take the chance.

6. Choose numbers whenever you can.

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Substitute vague variables such as “z” with small numbers such as “2” or “5” when solving relevant problems.

7. Use a methodical approach.

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That is, adhere to the methods that you have constantly applied. Questions found in the GRE Quant vary in difficulty. Be wary of the strategies and methods that you have learned and implement them when dealing with tough questions. Perceive difficult items from all angles, and decipher whether you need to apply a traditional Math method or use a more specific approach.

8. Take note of the answer choices early on, especially in the Quant Comps items.

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The answer choices are constant- they don’t change. Don’t waste your time in re-reading these choices, but instead, take confidence in their phrasing. Every minute counts.

9. Meticulously analyze graphs and tables.

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Be careful when handling Data Interpretation items. Don’t hurry to get on with the problems. Beforehand, thoroughly read the labels, units, titles, and the general trends. In what way are the variables interrelated? As you move on with the presented information, figure out the general conclusions that you can draw. Obtaining a complete understanding of the data can easily lead you to the correct answers.

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10. Deconstruct complex figures and tackle them as smaller forms.

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In tougher Geometry questions, you’ll typically find hidden circles in squares or triangles along with quadrilaterals. What information can you apply when working out one segment of shape to the other? Solve these items by re-drawing and labelling the figures in a scratch pad.

You may not be a Math genius, but these tips about how to get a high GRE Math score can come in truly handy in boosting your confidence and acing your exam.