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Just prior to the Civil War, as states began to secede from the Union, the governor of Austin, Texas, Sam Houston is quoted as saying,

“Let me tell you what is coming…Your fathers and husbands, your sons and brothers, will be herded at the point of the bayonet…You may, after the sacrifice of countless millions treasure and hundreds of thousands of lives, as a bare possibility, win Southern Independence… But I doubt it. I tell you that, while I believe with you in the doctrine of States Rights, the North is determined to preserve this Union.”

Ward, Geoffery., Ric Burns, & Ken Burns. (2009). The Civil War. New York: Albert A Knoff.

What does the Governor give as the belief of the Confederacy and the belief of the Union?

A. Confederacy believes in States Rights
B. The Union believes in preserving the Union
C. The Confederacy believes in Southern Independence, the North wants to free the slaves
D. Both A and B