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Wondering what you can do with your GED credential? Have you passed the test and are now thinking of your next step? Either way, we congratulate you! You are taking an essential step towards a brighter future ahead of you.

For most of you, going to a community college or university will be the next step. This page is just for you!

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This page will help you find the school that you have been looking for, but couldn’t find. So, for all of those questions about what you will do next and how do you find a school that will take your GED, look no further!

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According to GED Testing Service, approximately 98% of US colleges and universities accept GED certification just like how they accept high school graduates. Some of these universities are:

  1. Arkansas State University
  2. Iowa State University
  3. Illinois State University
  4. Minnesota State University
  5. Missouri State University
  6. North Dakota State University
  7. Shawnee State University
  8. South Oregon University
  9. The Pennsylvania State University
  10. The University of Alabama in Huntsville
  11. The University of Mississippi
  12. The University of Utah
  13. University of California
  14. University of Oregon
  15. University of South Florida

Need further help on college or university requirements? We suggest checking out the website of the school you are eyeing or calling their admissions office. You may also check out the Careers GED portal. As you read through the requirements of these universities, you will notice that they also require different GED passing scores. Many of them require you to score higher than the minimum passing score, which is 145 points. So if you want to increase your chances of getting into a good college or university, do your best to get a high score on the test. You can do this by studying and tapping into all the resources available to you, like our free GED practice tests and online GED classes. Also, check out our GED study guide to make sure that you will be able to cover all the topics that you need to study per subject.

What Happens After GED

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“What happens after GED?” is a question that many test-takers ask. The most common step is enrolling at a local community college or university, but that’s not the only thing you can do. Here are five more things you can explore after passing the GED test:

    1. Take the SAT and ACT.

ACT Test

If you check out college and university requirements, you will find that they often require other things that would help prove your readiness for college. Usually, they look for SAT and ACT test scores. Both tests assess whether your knowledge and skills are ready for college.

  1. Apply for a job.


Currently unemployed? The great thing about passing the GED test is it opens up more job opportunities for you. Many employers look for at least a high school diploma before even interviewing you. Having a GED certification tells them you have the skills that can be expected from a high school graduate. It helps you go through the first screening process.

  1. Ask for a promotion.

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Working? You don’t have to ask for a promotion directly. You can do this subtly by letting your boss know that you passed the GED test. And because of this achievement, you can ask your employer for new goals that you need to accomplish and new projects you can work on so you can demonstrate your abilities and get promoted soon.

  1. Get inspired.

GED certification

You passed the GED test. This is an achievement that you can be proud of. Whenever you feel uncertain and doubtful of your ability to succeed, just take a look at your GED certification. Let this be a reminder that you can achieve anything you want as long as you work hard for it.

  1. Think of your next step.

ACT test scores

What are you motivated to do? Make personal and career goals that would bring you closer to the kind of future that you want to have.

Take our FREE GED practice tests or online GED classes now so you can pass the test and get high scores that would help you get into a reputable college or university.

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