The Ultimate Flashcards to Boost MCAT Scores

The Ultimate Flashcards to Boost MCAT Scores

Are you a pre-med student who is preparing to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)? Are you looking for the best flashcards for MCAT success?  If you answered yes to these questions, then you’ll be happy to read our guide on the ultimate MCAT flashcards.

What are the best flashcards for MCAT tests? This is a common question among pre-med students. The greatest flashcards come from Barron’s Educational Series as well as Kaplan Test Prep. However, there are several options from these two businesses, which this guide covers below.

Kaplan MCAT Flashcards and App (Third Edition)

Kaplan MCAT Flashcards

The Kaplan MCAT flashcards come in a set of 1000 cards and will provide you with the material you need to succeed on the MCAT exam. These flashcards are excellent for studying and improving your knowledge to get a higher score on the MCAT.

Along with these flashcards, there is an online resource (or digital app) that can help you review the major subjects necessary to become a medical school student.

Several subjects divide this set including biochemistry, biology, behavioral science, physics, organic chemistry, and chemistry. The number of flashcards for each subject ranges from 90 (organic chemistry) to 247 (biology).


  • Each flashcard includes definitions, terms, and ideas to improve understanding.
  • The MCAT app, which you can install on your smartphone, allows you to study for the MCAT on the go.
  • The flashcards include typical questions found on the MCAT exam.
  • The flashcards are delivered in an organized fashion and are sectioned off for each subject.


  • Some of the definitions are slightly confusing, which can lead to misinterpretations.
  • There are minimal images, making a visual learner’s review difficult.
  • You need to have a Kaplan account to access the mobile app.
  • The cards are printed on delicate paper, which makes it difficult to carry on the go.
  • The vast number of cards leads to a large variety of information with less focus per subject.

To purchase this product, click here.

Kaplan MCAT in a Box (Second Edition)

Kaplan MCAT in a Box

The Kaplan MCAT in a Box flashcards will help you prepare well for the MCAT exam and will be a great addition to your other MCAT books. This set includes 1,404 flashcards and covers topics ranging from biology and physics to general chemistry and organic chemistry.

This particular product is excellent in helping you learn scientific definitions and boost your medical vocabulary. It will also help you review key topics found on the MCAT exam.

If you also purchase the standard MCAT books and sample tests, you’ll have a considerable advantage in getting a high score on the MCAT exam.


  • This set includes many scientific terms, definitions, concepts, and more.
  • They are designed in a way that helps improve scientific vocabulary.
  • They are readily available on Amazon or the Kaplan store.
  • You can purchase either brand-new flashcards or used ones at a lower price.


  • The flashcards are small in size compared to standard index card size.
  • The cards are printed on stock that is relatively thin and flimsy.
  • Reviewers found the cards’ definitions too simple/short.
  • These are somewhat expensive compared to other flashcards.

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Barron’s MCAT Flashcards (First Edition)


Barron’s MCAT Flashcards (First Edition) are great tools to help you boost your MCAT score. Best of all, these particular flashcards are easy to bring on the go. These comprehensive flashcards are durable enough to travel with, so you will always have the chance to review for the MCAT exam regardless of how busy your day is.

These flashcards come in separate sections as well. The subjects covered include physics, organic chemistry, biology, and general chemistry.

This set of flashcards comes with a metal key-ring holder, and each card has a small hole cut in the same corner for the holder. This makes it much easier to organize the cards and make sure you don’t lose any.


  • The flashcards include imagery which can help visual learners review and absorb the information easier.
  • The information is clear and concise (as well as thorough!) for studying both at home and on the go.
  • Quality content to help boost MCAT scores
  • These are sturdy and durable flashcards strong enough to throw in a purse or backpack and last longer when on the go.
  • They arrive in good condition and are organized by subject.


  • You may need more comprehensive MCAT books and materials to truly review all the information you need to learn for the test.
  • Most of the information is on the back of the cards, and the front has only one printed word.
    • This may make it more difficult to absorb the content
  • Some concepts/definitions are too long, which makes it harder to absorb and memorize.
  • The gloss coating on the flashcards makes it impossible to highlight important topics or definitions.
  • Some flashcards have minor errors.

To purchase Barron’s MCAT Flashcards (First Edition), click here.

Barron’s MCAT Flashcards (Proprietary Edition)

Barron's MCAT Flashcards (Proprietary Edition)

The Barron’s MCAT Flashcards are easy to use and prepare for the MCAT exam. You’ll be able to organize these flashcards quickly and easily due to their superior design. With these quality flashcards, you can review essential information anywhere you are – whether you’re studying at home or traveling to work or school.

Like the other flashcards, you’ll find that Barron’s MCAT Flashcards (Proprietary Edition) are also divided into specific subjects. In this set, there are seven subjects including general chemistry, physics, organic chemistry, biochemistry, biology, psychology, and sociology.

The front of the cards has questions and concepts’ names, while the back of the cards has answers and explanations. While these flashcards are a great addition to your MCAT preparation materials, you would still benefit from reviewing the MCAT books to gain a greater knowledge base for this exam.


  • These flashcards are well-organized in seven subjects, which makes studying efficient.
  • Every flashcard is the size of a standard index card.
  • The flashcards include a hole punch, making them easy to organize with a metal key ring or carabiner.
  • Upon arrival, the flashcards will be inside a durable box and will come with a table of contents.
  • The flashcards are numbered and include background information about the cards’ authors’ on them.
  • Each section is color-coded to make review even easier.


  • Every card has multiple explanations and concepts, which may make it harder to memorize.
  • There are several errors, including grammatical errors, on the cards.
  • The organic chemistry flashcards can be overly detailed, making it challenging to review and memorize.
  • Many of the flashcards lack imagery.

To buy Barron’s MCAT Flashcards (Proprietary Edition), click on this Amazon link.

What Secondary Flashcards Are Available?

What Secondary Flashcards Are Available

While the MCAT flashcards detailed above are the best ones on the market, there are others that you may want to take a look at, as secondary flashcards could also help you raise your MCAT score.

You can either check out these free MCAT flashcards and notes or purchase the Official MCAT Flashcards from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) store.

The free MCAT flashcards will provide you with information on many vital subjects you will see on the exam. These subjects are organic chemistry, general chemistry, biology, and physics. More specifically, you’ll be able to review DNA replication, transcription, translation, anatomy and physiology, molecular biology, cellular biology, genetics, and evolution.

You can also check out some affordable MCAT flashcards from the AAMC store.

AAMC Store’s Official MCAT Flashcards

AAMC Store’s Official MCAT Flashcards

The AAMC Store’s Official MCAT Flashcards have 150 practice questions. The same people who write the MCAT exam developed these questions. There are 25 questions per section. The different subject areas covered in these flashcards include biology, biochemistry, physics, general chemistry, psychology, and sociology.

The size of these flashcards is 5.5 by 4.25 inches (keep in mind the standard index card size is 3 inches by 5 inches). These cards include questions, answers with explanations, and the concept’s category. One flashcard includes the periodic table while a second one describes the MCAT exam’s Foundational Concepts and Skills categories.

However, there are no online resources or digital apps associated with the Official MCAT Flashcards. A different online version of these flashcards is available if you’d rather use a mobile screen to review for the MCAT exam.

Before You Go

before you go

To get a great score on your future MCAT exam, you’ll need to purchase some of the best flashcards for MCAT success. The best flashcards available include the Kaplan MCAT Flashcards and App (Third Edition), the Kaplan MCAT in a Box (Second Edition), Barron’s MCAT Flashcards (First Edition), and Barron’s MCAT Flashcards (Proprietary Edition).

There are also some other adequate choices to consider, such as the AAMC Store’s Official MCAT flashcards.

With the suitable materials to help you score well on the MCAT exam, you’ll soon be accepted into a medical school. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying saving the lives of patients and helping families in the healthcare field. Your future will shine bright.