ACT English Practice Tests

If you are here because you want to prepare for your ACT English Test and would like to answer practice tests, you’ve come to the right page. We will tell you what you can expect from this ACT English practice test, how to use it, and what other things you can do to score high on your ACT English test.

What Can You Expect from an English ACT Practice Test?

Like every ACT subject, the English ACT practice test features the same topics that will be on the actual ACT test. The types of questions on the ACT practice test will give you an idea on what you will find during the actual ACT test.

Expect to find questions that cover these topics:

English Usage and Mechanics:

Punctuation – covers the correct usage of punctuation marks including period, comma, semi-colon, and apostrophe.

Grammar and Usage – covers subject and verb agreement, pronoun-antecedent agreement, correct usage of verbs, adverbs and adjectives.

Sentence Structure – tests your ability to form logical sentences and link clauses together.

Rhetorical Skills:

Strategy – tests your ability to develop ideas and communicate them clearly.

Organization – checks your ability to organize your ideas and distinguish opening, transitional and concluding statements.

Style – tests your ability to understand the tone and meaning of a passage. In essay writing, this is where you demonstrate your ability to choose the right words and sentence structure to set the tone and style of your essay.

You will find passages with some underlined sections, which correspond to a question.

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What Can This ACT English Practice Do For You?

  1. Become familiar with the types of test questions.

ACT practice tests will introduce you to the actual test’s format. This will help ease your anxiety about the test and reduce the time you need to understand the test instructions.

  1. Pace yourself.

With the actual ACT being a timed test, you can more or less assess how fast or how slow you are when answering the test. This is also a great way to assess how long it would take for you to comprehend English passages.

  1. Define your goals.

Now that you know the types of questions that will appear on the test and its level of difficulty, you can set goals for yourself in terms of how much time you’d take to read passages and answer each question. You can challenge yourself each time you take the practice test by either setting the timer to 45 minutes or less. This is the limit for the ACT English test.

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How Should You Use This ACT English Practice Test?

  1. Answer it regularly.

Make a schedule on when you use the practice test. If you use it only when you remember or when you want to do it, then it will not be effective. Answering practice tests regularly will help develop your English comprehension and even grammar skills.

  1. Follow instructions.

The instructions in the English ACT practice test will be the same as those in the real test. If you follow the instructions here, you will be used to the instructions in the real test, which will help you stay confident and calm.

  1. Don’t just read the underlined texts or passages.

While you need to pay attention to underlined texts because to answer the questions, you need to read the entire passage to understand the connection between sentences and ideas. If you feel you are reading too slow, check how much time you’re really taking by using a timer, read content daily from quality sources like national publications, and by organizing your own thoughts in paper.

  1. Check your answers.

People learn through mistakes, that is why it is important to check your answers. See if there is a specific area where you tend to make more mistakes. If one area stands out like grammar or punctuation for example, then you would need to focus on studying for these weak areas more.

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  1. Improve your score.

Didn’t get a good score the first time? Use this ACT English practice test to improve your score as it strengthens your English usage skills.

  1. Use it as a study guide

When you study for ACT English, you can use this practice test as a guide on which topics to study. This is effective because the topics you’d find on the practice test are also on the real test.

There is no such thing as enough when it comes to ACT practice tests. Take your practice tests as often as possible. Take them before you create your study plan to find out which areas you need to improve. You can also take them right after you review to test if you’ve mastered topics you reviewed. Start taking these ACT English practice tests months before your exam.

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