ACT Reading Practice Test

ACT Reading practice tests will introduce you to the actual test format. You can get a perfect score on the ACT Reading test!
ACT Reading Practice Tests

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ACT Reading practice tests will introduce you to the actual test format. This will help ease your anxiety about the test and reduce the time you need to understand the test instructions.

Learn The Tricks Of The Test To Get A High Score In ACT Reading

Learn The Tricks Of The Test


You can get a perfect score on the ACT Reading test!

Sounds like a far off idea? Not really! Even if you’re not a genius, it’s possible to score 36 on the ACT Reading test. You just have to study smart, learn the right tricks and tips and be sensibly intelligent to do so.

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Two of the skills that you need to apply in the ACT Reading test is pacing and strategy. It’s an open book test, and you need to learn how to employ the most effectual and efficient methods of reading each of the passages. Time is of the essence in this test (as with all sections in the ACT test), that’s why you have to be as quick as you can in comprehending and looking for the best answers.

Be astute as a test prepper. During your ACT Reading test prep, get hold of good quality and effective tools and resources. That’s what we’re here for! And we provide top of the line ACT Reading Practice Tests to help hone your test-taking skills and knowledge. We’re here to boost your confidence as a test-taker so you can banish test anxiety and ace your test like a pro! One thing that we’re particular about is to inform you about what to expect in the ACT Reading test so you can tell yourself: “Jitters, be gone!”.  You don’t have to be nervous or be overwhelmed by what you’ll see in the ACT Reading test by taking ACT Reading practice tests and getting yourself oriented about the structure and approach of the test.

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What’s In The ACT Reading Test? Here’s a brief description:

What’s In The ACT Reading Test


There are 40 questions in the ACT Reading test, and the time limit for accomplishing it is 35 minutes. This test aims to measure your skills in reading comprehension. In the test questions, you’ll be required to draw meaning from various passages by referring to the ideas that are explicitly presented and apply reasoning to ascertain implied meanings. For the most part, the test will entail you to utilize your skills in reasoning and referring for determining main ideas, locating and interpreting important details and understanding the order of events, along with making comparisons, understanding cause-effect interrelatedness, ascertaining the meaning of words, phrases and statements that are dependent on context, deriving generalizations and analyzing the voice and method used by the narrator or author.

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Four sections comprise the test wherein the first 3 is made-up of one long prose passage each, and one section that includes two short prose passages. These passages will measure if your skills and knowledge are at par with curricula tackled in the first-year college.

A heading that identifies its type of passage precedes each text, such as “Literary Narrative”. The name of the author, along with a concise note that helps in understanding the text is also indicated. Each section is followed by a group of multiple-choice questions. You will not be asked for the rote recall of details that are not found in the passage or of isolated vocabulary. Knowledge of the rules of formal logic is not required. The section that contains two short passages is followed by questions relevant to those texts. Four reporting scores are derived from the ACT Reading test which is the total score from the 40 test items and scores from three categories pertaining to specific knowledge and skills.

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What Content Is Covered By The ACT Reading Test?

What Content Is Covered By The ACT Reading Test


Key Ideas and Details (comprises 55 to 60% of the test)

Here, your skills in reading texts closely will be tested, particularly to determine what its themes and central ideas are. What are the relationships established? Be able to logically infer and draw conclusions by understanding the sequence, comparisons and cause-effect relationships in the passage.

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Craft and Structure (comprises 25 to 30% of the test)

What are the meanings of the words and phrases used in the texts? Determine them. Be able to rhetorically analyze the word choice of the author as well as the structure of the text. What is the purpose of the author? What is his or her perspective? What about the characters- what are their point of views? You have to be able to rhetorically interpret the decisions of the author and differentiate various perspectives and information sources.

Integration of Knowledge and Ideas (13 to 18%)

Understand the claims of the author. Distinguish how facts and opinions differ. With the use of evidence, establish connections among diverse texts that have an interrelated topic. Some questions will require you to determine the way arguments are constructed by the author. Be able to evaluate the evidence and reasoning featured in different sources.

2021 – 2022 ACT Test Dates

Pick An ACT Reading Practice Test Here (link to TPT ACT Reading Practice Tests)

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ACT Reading Practice Tests

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