12 Benefits Of Taking The ACT

12 Benefits of Taking The ACT

Can’t make up your mind about taking the ACT test? Don’t throw in the towel just yet. There are valuable benefits of taking the ACT, so it’s actually worth the try. All the hours that you’ve spent studying will lead you to better days in the future. It may be tough or it may seem insignificant for now, but the future will be kinder to you if you take the ACT.

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Why Should You Take the ACT Test?

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  1. The ACT test is accepted by all major 4-year universities. There are some universities that require their incoming students to have up-to-standard ACT scores. Students who have taken the ACT test are considered to be college-ready. Show them that you’re smart enough and willing to take the academic challenges of college life by taking the ACT.
  2. If you have low high school GPA, you can make up for it by passing the ACT. There might be problems with one of your subjects in high school, pulling your GPA down. Don’t worry because if you study well and get a good score in the ACT, you can make up for your low high school GPA.
  3. If you fail, you can always retake the ACT. It may be such a drag on those times when you have to take the final exam in high school. And it can be a real bummer if you didn’t get a passing score. Didn’t you wish you can have one more chance to take the test? And that if you could, you promise, promise to do better. The case is like that when it comes to the ACT. If you do badly the first time, you can retake it. There’s always a better luck next time where you are given the opportunity to practice. In the ACT test as well, practice makes perfect (or a good score, at least).
  4. You can evaluate your capabilities and weak points through the ACT. Having taken the test, you can then look back and check on which topics you are able to excel in. In which areas did you score well and where did you fall short? Through the test, you’ll realize what subjects you’re doing well at and what you need to improve on. This is an important benefit especially for high school students who are undecided on what course and job they’d like to pursue in the future.
  5. You’ll be able to apply for scholarships if you get a good score. There are colleges that offer merit-based or academic scholarships for high school students who gain a certain ACT score. Likewise, these students who are qualified for scholarships also have good high school GPAs. You can get the upper-hand on the competition if you get an excellent score on the ACT test.
  6. It can be a great asset for your employment. The perks of a good ACT score goes beyond your education. As a newbie in the workforce, your resume might be a little thin. Many employers ask their applicants about their ACT scores, and by all means, take pride in mentioning yours. With a good score in the ACT, you can show your prospective bosses that you’re the employee they’re looking for.
  7. There’s a science section in the test. Comparing the SAT and the ACT standardized test admissions, the ACT happens to be the only test that includes a science section. This is an important benefit, especially if you excel in the subject. Taking the ACT will enable you to showcase your skills in science, particularly if you’re planning on becoming a STEM student. Think about taking the ACT if you’re considering taking chemistry, biology or engineering or any science-based fields in college.
  8. You just might get it right by guessing. You can guess your answer away in the ACT test. While in the SAT, a slight penalty is imposed on guessing, in the ACT, you wouldn’t need to leave an item blank. There’s a ¼ chance that you’ll guess the right answer, or even a 1/3 or ½ probability if you use the elimination process. You don’t have to get stuck on a number in the ACT test because you can actually guess it right.
  9. You can use a calculator to solve math questions. It lessens the stress when you’re allowed to use a calculator to figure out math questions in the ACT. All you need to do now is master the application of math formulas and understand math concepts to be able to confidently solve math problems.
  10. By taking the ACT, students can save time. It’s mainly because they don’t have to take several exams, as typically required in the SAT.  Indeed, the best way of passing the ACT or the SAT is to develop your skills by taking past examinations and ACT practice tests. In March 2016, the new SAT has been launched, that’s why there are now lesser official exams of it. On the other hand, there is a bunch of past ACT exams that students can access for practice.
  11. In the ACT test, you’ll always have selections for choosing the correct answer, unlike in the SAT. Thus, the backsolving strategy will always come in handy, particularly in solving math problems.
  12. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment after taking the ACT test. Passing the ACT test is an accomplishment you can be proud of. It will boost your confidence and this added credential can boost your chances of getting into your college or university of choice.

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Pass The ACT

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The benefits of taking the ACT are worth it and to get them, you need to pass the test. Check out study guides, sign up for ACT review lessons, and take ACT practice tests to increase your chances of getting a passing score.

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