SAT Math Practice Test & Sample Questions

Why take SAT Math practice tests? Because there is a plethora of benefits for doing so! The many benefits of taking SAT Math practice exams surpass your tendency to be complacent in terms of how to get a high SAT Math score.
SAT Math Practice Test

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For one thing, it will give you the confidence to take on this significant undertaking. Not to scare you about the SAT Math test, though, but Math can be a challenging subject for many students. You can learn how to overcome SAT Math test anxiety through sufficient preparation, one of the most vital is to take SAT Math Practice exams.

Get Yourself Into Gear To Ace The SAT Math Test- Take Practice Tests!

Get Yourself Into Gear


Don’t get yourself beaten as you prepare for the official SAT Math test. You can conquer such a big undertaking by applying the proper study approach and attitude. What you primarily have to do is to be ready for it, and one of the best ways of doing so is to take the SAT practice test.

There are numerous astounding benefits of taking official SAT practice examinations. Research has in fact cited that 30% of a good study program is comprised by taking SAT practice examinations. These tools are indeed effectual as they acclimatize you to the content and approach of the actual test. What’s more, they will ease your anxiety, especially as Math has been deemed as a daunting subject. Banish Math anxiety by taking a practice exam!

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But not all SAT Math practice examinations are the same. You have to be particular about using the most credible and effective tools for your SAT Math test prep. That’s what we’re here for! We rock when it comes to providing test-takers with the best tools to ace their examinations, including practice examinations! You can also see our Best SAT Prep Book here.

Go into taking your SAT Math test feeling confident and super. Incorporating consistent practice testing renders you feeling ready and prepared like a pro! Remember what they say: “Practice makes perfect”, and this is what our examinations are eager to help you with!

Why get a high SAT Math score? Because a high official SAT Math score will compensate for your score in your other SAT test components. Your composite score matters- selective colleges and universities are seriously considering it. Your dream of getting into the best college can come true if you get a high SAT Math score.

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What Will You Find In The SAT Math Test?

Here is a brief description:

What Will You Find In The SAT Math Test?


There are 4 content areas of the official SAT Math test that comprise the 3rd and 4th sections of the entire SAT test. The first SAT Math section has a time limit of 25 minutes wherein the use of the calculator is not allowed. The second section has to be accomplished in 55 minutes, and in it, you will be allowed to use the calculator.

A range of Math practices is included in the SAT Math test. It’s emphasis is essentially on problem-solving, make use of tools and algebraic structure, and modelling.

The official SAT Math test does not intend to test you on every Math topics there are, but is instead focused on your application of its formulas and equations on different situations. The problem-solving and modelling that you’ll typically do is concerned with collegiate math, science and courses in social science, your job or career as well as your personal life.

Answering some of the questions requires you to use several steps, just like in real world where a single calculation usually doesn’t suffice in getting the job done.

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Some Quick Facts About The Test

  • Majority of the questions in the test is multiple-choice, but there are some that ask you to turn up with the answer (called grid-ins) instead of simply selecting one.
  • There are 2 portions of the SAT Math test, namely the Math Test with Calculator and the Math Test with No Calculator.
  • In some of its parts, you will be asked to answer a set of questions about a specific scenario.

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What Is Its Focus?

What Is Its Focus?


An in-depth focus on three areas of Math is to be tackled in SAT Math. These topics play the biggest role in various college majors as well as careers:

  • Heart of Algebra: checks your proficiency in linear equations and systems
  • Problem-Solving and Data Analysis: tests your quantitative literacy
  • Passport to Advanced Math: checks your proficiency in manipulating complex equations

Additional topics in Math are also included in the test, such as geometry and trigonometry topics that are most relevant to college study and career-readiness.

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What Does The Test Measure?

What Does The Test Measure?



  • In the test, you can show your skills in performing procedures in flexible, accurate, efficient and strategic ways.
  • Can you quickly solve problems through the identification and appropriate use of the most effectual solution strategies?

Conceptual Understanding

  • How well do you understand Math concepts, operations and relations? An example is establishing connections among properties of linear equations along with their graphs and representative concepts.

Using The Calculator

The calculator is one of the most important tools for high school students. If you want to succeed in using it far long after going to school, you should know how and when to properly use it. In the SAT Math test, you’ll be making use of the calculator in complex modelling and reasoning, while saving time when doing so.

However, your calculator can only be as smart as you- the individual using it. There are some questions in the test that are better off answering without the use of the calculator- even if you’re allowed to use it. If you are proficient in applying a structured reasoning ability, you can actually finish ahead of time than students who use their calculators.

The no-calculator section of SAT Math, on the other hand, can easily evaluate your fluency in Math as well as your grasp of fundamental Math concepts. It will also test how well you have learned technique and number sense.

Grid-In Test Questions

For the most part, the questions in SAT Math are multiple choice. Then again, 22% of the test is grid-in questions, or student-produced response test items. There, you’ll be required to solve problems and provide your answers in the grids indicated on the answer sheets instead of selecting a correct answer from a set of options.

How To Grid-In Your Answers:

  • You can only mark one circle in a column.
  • Only the circles that you have filled-in will be scored. No credit is applied to anything that you may have written in the boxes indicated on top of the circles.
  • Regardless of which column you may have began to enter answers, make sure that your responses have been indicated in the grid area. This way, you can obtain credit.
  • Only 4 decimal places can be entered in the grid area, and it can contain only positive numbers and zero.
  • Unless indicated by the problem, you can enter answers in the grid as a fraction or a decimal.
  • You don’t need to reduce fractions such as 3/24 to their lowest terms.

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SAT Math Practice Tests

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