How To Improve Your SAT Reading Score: 6 Practical Tips And Tricks

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It’s quite easier to tackle your study materials for the Writing and Math sections of the SAT. And that’s unlike the Reading topic of the same test. You see, the SAT Reading test is meant to challenge your reading comprehension. The better you can understand the passages in the said test, the higher your score will be. Then again, there are drawbacks because there is a limit to the extent of comprehension that people can handle under time constraints. In this case, you ought to look for ways on how to improve your SAT Reading score.

There are 3 factors that impede learners’ comprehension of a given text in the SAT, and namely, they are: limited time, the passages may be too long, and the topics at hand are dry and boring. The key then on how to improve your SAT Reading score is to implement the most appropriate approach. This means that you should rethink and change the way you deal with the SAT Reading test. Here are some valuable tips pertaining to this.

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Be An Adept In Linguistic Analysis

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Every question that you encounter in the SAT Reading test has one correct answer, while the other 3 or 4 answer choices are incorrect. Be very keen because the right answers in the Reading test are as concrete and demonstrable as those in the Math section. There are no gray areas here, which means that the correct answers are lucidly supported by the respective text. Therefore, you have to think legally when choosing an answer wherein every word (in the answer choice) must be correct. It’s like what a detective does where he or she looks for evidence in the passage and treat every answer choice as suspects.

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Evoke A Criterion From Your Mind

This particular tip on how to improve your SAT Reading score needs you to apply the “BOSS method”. Here, you formulate an answer in your mind before reading the answer choices. In the BOSS method, you’ll be forced to understand the correct answer by understanding the question. After formulating an answer conceived in your mind, you’ll be then ready to read the answer choices. Whichever comes close to the touchstone conjured from your wits is thus most likely to be the correct answer. This method takes practice, but with ample test prep, you can be very good at it.

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Read The Passages In Chunks

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You’ll save more time utilizing the BOSS method if you read the passages in bite sizes. What you should do is to answer the line-cited questions first that refer to certain portions found in the text. Most of the questions in the SAT Reading test refer to particular lines or portions in the passage. Answer these line-cited questions first, which likewise tend to be in order. The broader questions can be skipped or saved for later because you shall have likely read the whole passage by the time you arrive in these items. This method of tackling the Reading test spares you from going back and forth and re-reading the text, which in turn can save you precious time.

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Be Wary Of The Time So That You Can Work Efficiently

The SAT Reading test contains 5 passages and 52 questions that you have to accomplish in 65 minutes. You ought to make sure that you’re keeping up with a proper pacing so that you don’t run out of time. Therefore wear a watch, one which is approved by the College Board. Be efficient when answering the questions. You can, for instance, write your answers straight on to the test and take a moment to transfer them to your answer booklet after finishing your tasks for one passage. You then proceed to do the same in the next passage. Doing so prevents you from flipping your test booklet and answer sheet from side to side which can be time-consuming. Start answering the passages that you find easiest and save those that you find difficult for last.

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Counteract The Effects Of Boredom

It’s faster to read books, articles, and letters that you find interesting. But that’s not usually the case in the SAT Reading test. You could anticipate that the passages in the test can be dull or boring, and it can slow you down. How do you overcome this boredom? This matter depends from one person to another, but the following tips may work. Try pretending that the text was written by your favorite actor (or someone you know). Make believe that you really find the text interesting and that it is crucial for you to understand it. Think of an intriguing, tangible or immediate reason to pay attention to the passage, and it has to be more than getting a high score in this section. Revert your thinking to critical reading mode. Focus and be sure that you don’t miss anything. Actively wonder about or question every statement that you come across with.

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Brain Cardio Does The Trick

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And that is to read and read more. It will increase your reading comprehension and writing skills. Review the passages featured in The College Board practice tests. Read about various and pertinent topics during your free time and whenever you can. Expand your attention span and vocabulary by reading materials that you find interesting. More importantly so, read about unfamiliar subjects or authors, and even texts that you haven’t been acquainted with. Accustom yourself to the readings that are typically used by The College Board.

These simple but valuable tips on how to improve your SAT Reading score can come in handy. Incorporate them in your test prep so that you can obtain the best possible results that you want.

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