SAT U.S. History Test

One of the 20 SAT subject tests offered by the College Board (SAT developer/administrator), is the SAT US History. Not only is the US History covered in all American high schools, it is also a subject that many top universities consider important.  Getting a good score on SAT US History could land you to many of the top colleges and university in the US.

Because of this, many students take the US History SAT subject test every year. You need to work hard to stand out among other test-takers. The SAT US History test will challenge your knowledge of the important United States historical dates, events, and people.

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The U.S. History Subject Test:

  • Has 90 multiple-choice questions
  • Has a 60-minute time limit.
  • Covers all of American history from 1400 up until the present,
  • Special emphasis on social, economic, and political history.

Test questions on SAT US History Subject Test come in two forms: fact-based questions and the source-based questions. The fact-based questions ask students to recall a person, term, event, trend, In US history,  while the source-based questions ask test-takers to read a graph, image, map or a quotation, and then they will apply their knowledge of history to answer the questions that follow.

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SAT US History Types Of Questions

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The SAT US History contains three main types of questions:

  • Recall questions: Questions in this area are straightforward. The questions will technically test your knowledge regarding terms, concepts and specific facts.
  • Analysis questions: You are required to showcase your knowledge of important figures, notable events, or a time period. However, the analysis questions will progress by asking you to interpret information, such as a map, cartoon, graph, or quotation.
  • Using Data questions: These questions will ask you to relate presented data to history or you have to evaluate the presented data. Data given in the Using Data questions could be anything from a chart to an image.

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What To Expect In The US SAT History Subject Test?

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The SAT US History covers several hundred of years of American history:

  •   Pre-Columbian period
  •   American Revolution
  •   Industrial Revolution
  •   Current events and recent history.

Most of the focus of the US SAT History Subject test would be in the years after 1790. However, the test would also cover earlier periods of American history.

In the SAT US History, you will also encounter Questions about foreign policy and economic, social, cultural, and political history.

Below is the breakdown of material and time periods of the SAT US History:

Political history31 to 35%
Economic history13 to 17%
Social history20 to 24%
Intellectual and cultural history13 to 17%
Foreign policy13 to 17%
Periods% of Test
Pre-Columbian history to 178920%
1790 – 189840%
1899 to the present40%

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US History SAT Subject Test Preparation Strategies

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  1. You must decide which parts of US History SAT Subject Test will need more review. Before you start memorizing key historical documents, you must first test your knowledge of  US History by taking an SAT History practice test. One of the best ways to start your SAT History Subject Test preparation is by recognizing your strengths and weaknesses in US history.
  2. Now that you know which parts of  US History you need to strengthen You can start researching online or visiting your local library to brush up your knowledge.
  3. As you take your SAT US History practice test, take note of the capitalized words and vocabulary terms. Make sure you can define these key terms because there is a big chance these terms will appear in the real test.

Getting a good score on the SAT US History Subject test could have a huge impact in getting into the college you want. So start taking your SAT US History practice test as early as possible.

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When To Take the SAT US History Test?

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The College Board recommends you to have at least one year of college U.S. History preparation class before taking US History Subject test. If you are taking the Advanced Placement United States History (AP US History), then you are ready to take the SAT US History test at the end of the year. You could integrate your studying for both SAT test and the AP test. Nonetheless, you can still do well on your SAT US History test even if you haven’t taken AP US History.

It would be ideal for you to take the SAT US History test at the end of the school year. It is noteworthy that you can only take up to three Subject Tests on your SAT test date.

By keeping up in your History class, filling up and recognizing your knowledge gaps, as well as taking US History SAT Subject Test practice, you will be well geared up to tackle the SAT US History test.

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How Does A High  SAT US History Test Score Benefit You?

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The benefit of your high score on your SAT US History test would depend on which colleges or universities you are considering. The benefit of the SAT US History test is that certain colleges or universities utilize your high score for the Advanced Placement scores.

While you are considering your college or university options, you should also consider taking other SAT Subject Tests. After all, the College Board allows you to take three Subject Tests on your SAT test day.

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