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The SAT science subject test is a part of the college board’s suite of assessments—a group of tests that you can take in addition to the regular SAT. While the regular SAT tests your general readiness for college, the SAT subject test will measure your readiness for a certain course or program. In fact, there are colleges that require you to have a specific SAT subject test score before you can enroll in a certain program.

If you plan to enroll in a specific science program, whether it is biology, physics or chemistry,  colleges may require you to take the relevant science subject test. The following science Subject tests are offered:

  •   Biology E/M
  •   Chemistry
  •   Physics

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SAT Science Section Topics

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If you are applying to a selective college or university,  you may be asked to submit your SAT Subject Test scores along with their regular SAT scores. The SAT Science test could be a great way to fulfill subject test requirements, especially if you plan on studying the Sciences in college.

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Format Of The SAT Biology Subject

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  • Students can choose between Biology-E or Biology-M. Here are the differences between them.
  • Biology-E is geared more towards, Energy flow, Biological communities, and Populations
  • Biology-M is geared more towards Biochemistry, Cellular structure, and Cellular processes
  • Both Biology-E and Biology-M have the same test format and guidelines:
  1.    60-minute time limit
  2.    80 multiple-choice test questions
  3.    Scores are scaled from 200 – 800
  4.    Test-takers are NOT allowed to use calculators.

Topics In The SAT Biology E/M test

  •       Cellular and molecular biology
  •       Ecology
  •       Genetics
  •       Organismal biology
  •       Evolution and diversity

Source: The College Board Website

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What Will You Take – Biology E Or Biology M?

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Biology-E topic deals more with the changes in the environment as well as the large-scale energy flow in ecosystems. That would be in contrast to the focus of Biology M on the chemical elements of biology that take place on a minuscule scale.

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SAT Chemistry Subject

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Chemistry may be a bit harder than Biology, but only by a small margin. If you plan to become a chemist, then choosing the Chemistry test in SAT will benefit you more.

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Below is the basic rundown of the structure as well as the scoring of the SAT Science – Chemistry Subject:

  1.    60-minute time limit
  2.    85 multiple-choice test questions
  3.    Scores are scaled from 200 – 800

Test-takers are not allowed to use calculators, but they will be provided with a periodic table for reference.

The College Board offers the SAT Science – Chemistry Subject Test in January, May, June, October, November, and December.

Topics On The Chemistry SAT Subject Test

  •   Structure of matter
  •   Molecular Structure
  •   States of matter
  •   Reaction types
  •   Stoichiometry
  •   Equilibrium and reaction rates
  •   Thermochemistry
  •   Descriptive chemistry
  •   Laboratory

Source: The College Board Website

Physics Subject Test

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Physics is considered the most difficult science, although it is also the most exciting.  If you want to follow the footsteps of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, then physics is the program to enroll to.

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The Physics Test Follows The Following Format

  1.    60-minute time limit
  2.    75 multiple-choice test questions
  3.    Scores are scaled from 200 – 800

Content Of The SAT Physics Subject Test

  •   Mechanics
  •   Waves and Optics
  •   Heat and Thermodynamics
  •   Electricity and Magnetism
  •   Modern Physics
  •   Miscellaneous

Source: The College Board Website

Some Tips To Help You Ace The SAT Science Tests

  •   Maintain an optimistic attitude
  •   The study by reading the relevant books
  •   Watch YouTube videos relevant to the Subject test you are taking
  •   Use practice test sheets if available

The SAT science subject tests are not easy tests. You need to prepare a month or more before taking the test. If you need help in deciding which Science test you should take, you can request the help of your school counselors. It is important to be dedicated and determined when you take the Science subject tests. You may have to sacrifice some free time just to study, but the rewards you get will greatly make up for all of it.

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