How To Use Your ACT Profile

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The is well-aware of dilemmas such as these, that’s why they have launched the ACT Profile, which is a free online college and career planning tool. This tool responds to your needs when it comes to your question “What do I do?” in terms of planning for your college education and career later on.

The ACT test will open new doors for you. You may have studied for months to take this test, aiming to get a high score so that you can enroll in the college or university of your choice. After the ACT testing, you can find yourself at a crossroads, starting from where you would pursue higher education to choosing your major and applying for a scholarship.

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How Does The ACT Profile Work?

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The ACT Profile is a mobile resource that takes note of your interests, values, and abilities and matches them to your prospective majors and occupations. The most credible government and private resources are used by the ACT Profile as they provide high-quality information to guide you in your major or occupation choices.

Through the ACT profile app, students can interact with their peers and teachers.  These parties are also able to plan for activities and share resources in an effort to work together to pursue the best education and career options for the future.

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The Benefits Of Signing Up For An ACT Profile

In a nutshell, the ACT Profile will help you:

  • Explore your options after high school.
  • Discover your interests and majors that complement your interests, values, and abilities.
  • Discover schools that fit your budget and educational needs.

When you sign up for an account in ACT Profile, it will be yours for life. You can upload photos and videos that highlight your strengths in your account. To make your profile more attractive and viable, you can also build a digital portfolio and feature it there. You can use another app, Pathbrite, to make your ACT Profile look more interesting. Being web-based, Pathbrite can assist you in sharing your portfolio and credentials to the colleges of your choice and your possible employers.

Other than students, parents, and counselors are also free to register and create an account in ACT Profile. To be able to do this, go to and sign up using a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. You then proceed with creating your profile where you are required to respond to self-assessments that will emphasize your unique values, interests, and abilities. As you enter details about yourself, you can get support by accessing interactive major and career maps.

In the ACT Profile, you will be asked to enter your responses to the app’s interest inventory feature. The career section of this tool includes 26 sections, all featured in the Career Map. As you click on a particular career area, you will be presented with a list of careers. Click on a certain career and it will bring you substantial information about the tasks and the training involved, along with the salaries, etc.

You can highlight some majors, schools, careers, and occupations as your “favorites” in your ACT Profile. You can revisit these areas of interest later. When you return, you can check if your areas of interest match your educational plan. Through the ACT Profile tool, you can explore various workable options and save your “favorites” while at the same time share them with fellow students, school admission officers, counselors, and parents, among others who also have an ACT Profile.

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Valuable Features In ACT Profile For Immediate Guidance

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A recent feature that has been added to ACT Profile is the “expanded counselor”. This feature is designed to help counselors use their ACT Profiles to reach out to their students. Counselors can view their students’ insights and selections so they can better help them with their college and career plans.

A host of benefits are offered by the ACT Profile to students, counselors, schools and colleges, parents, school admission officials and employers as they become proficient in using this app. With proper information, guidance and preparation, students can become more motivated to plan for their education and future.

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