GED Social Studies: 5 Important People In the Revolutionary You Should Know

GED Social Studies 5 Important People in the Revolutionary You Should Know

GED Social Studies: 5 Important People in the Revolutionary You Should Know

Let’s talk about the Revolutionary War today. And let’s break this war down by the main players in it.

When we talk about the Revolutionary War, it’s important to recognize that there were two countries or let’s call them “teams”, who are fighting against one another. The first team is the Continental Army. This team is compromised of Americans who have left England and are fighting for their freedom from the Mother Country.  The coach (or the Commander-in-Chiefs of the Continental Army is George Washington, who later became the very first President of the United States.

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The other team is the Loyalists. These people are just as their name implies: people who are loyal to England. The leader of England at this time is King George III, whose long reign of oppressing the colonists through unfair taxing becomes a catalyst for war.

These two men are the main leaders in the Revolutionary War. But they aren’t doing this thing alone, so let’s talk about three more important players in the Revolutionary War….

3 Important Revolutionary Men GED History

Now, John Adams is important to the Revolutionary War because he was the second President of the United States. He was also an essential mind in creating the Declaration of Independence. But he didn’t write the Declaration of Independence on his own. In fact, Adams just assisted Thomas Jefferson, who was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson is known for being the very first Secretary of State, as appointed by George Washington. He then went on to become the third President of the United States of America

The last person in the photo frame above is Benedict Arnold. You should know that Ol’ Ben was a tricky character in the Revolutionary War. He spent the majority of his time as a leader in the Continental Army, but this was actually just a cover-up of his true loyalty. Really, he was a spy for the Loyalists. And when he was discovered, you can imagine the Patriots weren’t too happy with him. In history books, they talk a lot about Arnold by using the word “traitor” and discussing the meaning of “treason”. These are things you can look into if you’re looking for extra information.

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Certainly, these players aren’t the only important people from the Revolutionary War, but they are a great launching point as you begin studying this portion of American history.

Have fun as your venture back into the Revolutionary War begins. Try to look at it as a story and not become overwhelmed by dates. And remember, the Continental Army won and now we call ourselves Americans.

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