Fake GED Diploma? Quick Guide On How To Detect One

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The General Education Development (GED diploma) is a perfect option for folks who still need to graduate from high school. It’s a high school diploma alternative test that was introduced in 1942 to confirm that a person who didn’t finish high school has the same education level as someone who did.


Some high school diploma manufacturers take advantage of folks with no high school diploma by offering them a fake GED diploma and exam. So, in this guide, we’ll show you how to detect and avoid a fake GED diploma.

Should I Get a Fake GED Diploma?

A GED test can open you up to new opportunities, even after failing to complete your high school education. You can get a great job or enter college and pursue your dream course without a high school diploma. Unfortunately, some folks prefer taking a shortcut to taking the GED exams online.

These folks contact some GED diploma mills that provide them with fake certifications and exams. But do they work just like a high school certificate? Unfortunately, the answer is no; it is invalid under many circumstances. So what happens when we fake GED certifications?

Using a fake certification is illegal and can leave you with a poor reputation. Therefore, you may end up being kicked out of college if found using fake GED credentials. But most folks use fake papers to convince their employers that they’re qualified for the position.

But do you know that employers have a way of verifying the validity of your papers, and if caught, you may lose your job or even worse? Even if you don’t get caught, you should know that the diploma is fake and the knowledge is not. So, you should take the GED tests.

How Do Employers Verify the Validity of a Ged Certificate?

Employers may use various methods to verify the authenticity of a GED diploma when screening job applicants. The specific process can vary depending on the employer’s policies and the nature of the job. Here are some common ways employers may verify the legitimacy of a GED diploma:

  • Contacting the Issuing Authority: Employers may contact the General Education Development Testing Service/the state department of education that issued the GED diploma to confirm its authenticity. These organizations can verify whether the applicant indeed earned a GED credential or a high school diploma equivalent.
  • Requesting Official Transcripts: Applicants may be asked to provide official transcripts from the General Education Development Testing Service or the state Department of Education that show their GED test scores and the date they passed. These transcripts can serve as concrete proof of GED completion.
  • Checking for Accredited Testing Centers: Employers may inquire about the testing center where the applicant took the GED exams. They may verify if the testing center is accredited and if it is recognized by the state’s education authority.
  • Online Verification Services: Some employers use GED online confirmation services provided by the GED Testing Service or state education departments. These services allow employers to verify GED credentials electronically.
  • Cross-Checking with Resume and References: Employers may cross-reference the applicant’s GED information with the information provided on their resume and during reference checks. Any inconsistencies could raise red flags or serve as a confirmation of a fake diploma.
  • Notarized Copies: In some cases, employers may ask applicants to provide notarized copies of their GED diplomas or transcripts as an extra layer of confirmation.
  • Background Checks: Employers may conduct background checks, including educational confirmation, through third-party screening companies. These checks can include detecting a fake diploma.

Job applicants need to be honest about their educational background, as providing false information can have serious consequences, including termination if discovered later. Employers typically take educational verification seriously to ensure they hire qualified and trustworthy candidates.

How To Spot a Fake GED Certification and Test

As aforementioned, employers can detect a fake GED or high school diploma; in fact, they have several methods they can use to do that. But how can we detect a fake GED diploma-offering organization? 

After all, there are lots of websites selling GED certification or high school diploma equivalent. Well, the first thing to consider is where you’ll be taking the test.

For instance, you can never take real GED practice tests at home, as some of these fake GED certificate mills promise. Unlike some certifications which can be earned online, you can obtain a GED certificate in person. Plus, the only organization offering these classes in the U.S. is the GED Testing Service.

On top of that, the GED test can only be taken at the official testing centers, which include non-profit educational institutions or community colleges. And no website has been authorized to offer these tests.

Other Ways to Spot a Fake Ged Certificate and Transcript

  • The website promises you a GED GED certificate within days. You won’t be required to take exams or GED classes, and you’ll get your certificates in a few hours. If that’s the case, then you’re getting a fake diploma and transcript.
  • Selling you a better transcript or grade: Any website or institution promising you better grades will give you a fake GED certificate.

Final Thoughts

The fact that you don’t have your high school certificates doesn’t mean that you can’t live your dream life. After all, with GED certificates, you can still go to college and have a career or get a better-paying job.

Unfortunately, most folks prefer getting a fake certificate instead of taking the classes. But do you know that there are ways employers can spot a fake diploma? Therefore, you should avoid online diploma mills and take the exams in person.

This means taking your exams at the authorized local General Education Development Testing Service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are online GED tests legit?

No, any GED online test is a normal diploma mill fraud. Colleges will never accept online GED tests or certificates.

How can I confirm if the GED diploma is fake?

Like most employers, you can contact the institution offering the tests or a certificate confirmation agency.

Can I get a job using a fake GED certificate?

No, like all fake certificates, they’re worthless; plus, most employers do verify your credentials. So you may end up losing your job.