GED Class in Brooklyn: 20 Prep Classes in 2024

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In the vibrant borough of Brooklyn, dreams are as diverse as the people. Yet, for many individuals, the path to success can be obstructed by the absence of a high school diploma. 

Hence, a GED (General Educational Development) or a national external diploma program (NEDP) certificate is a beacon of hope, a second chance for those who seek to unlock their full potential. 

To get the GED high school equivalency credential, you sit for the GED exam. Below is a comprehensive list of adult education centers and community colleges where you can get a GED class in Brooklyn. 

20 Places to Get a GED Class in Brooklyn

1. NYC College of Technology-CUNY (City Tech Adult Learning Center)

This Brooklyn adult learning center provides students with a supportive learning environment and access to CUNY resources to prepare for the GED exam.

2. Brooklyn Public Library Adult Learning

The Pacific Library hosts free GED test classes and educational support to ace the four subjects or sit for the National External Diploma Program. In addition to the test prep classes, this library has educational resources for your self-study sessions and runs several GED testing service centers across the borough. 

Hence, you can find a Brooklyn adult learning center on its website.

3. Brooklyn EOC

This adult education center provides comprehensive programs focusing on academic and career development.


Unlike other places, this school offers technology-infused GED test classes, blending academic instruction with digital literacy for success in the modern world.

5. Downtown Brooklyn Access GED

This adult basic education center caters to learners who need academic assistance to get a high school equivalency diploma.

6. The Maura Clarke-Ita Ford Center

It offers GED classes alongside other adult education programs like language classes. Additionally, this adult learning center caters to learners from diverse cultural backgrounds.

7. O’Dwyer Community Center

It provides GED instruction, equipping individuals with essential knowledge and skills for a brighter future.

8. Sylvan Downtown Brooklyn

There are personalized GED exam preparation programs. Therefore, you can get assistance for specific areas, such as language arts and social studies.

9. Medgar Evers College GED Classes

This adult and continuing education center helps a GED student earn a high school equivalency credential and runs numerous programs to offer skills in various industries, including nonprofits.

10. DOE Office of Adult & Continuing Education (Head office)

This adult and continuing education division coordinates GED programs throughout the city. As such, it ensures access to quality educational resources for adult learners. Hence, this office is a great place to start your search for a Brooklyn adult learning center or test prep program.

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11. College of Staten Island GED Program

Its GED test prep program allows residents of Staten Island to access higher education and career opportunities.

12. Jewish Community Council-Greater Coney Island

The GED test class is one of many adult basic education programs at this community center.

13. Queens Public Library-GED Instruction

Its educational resources cater to every subject, from language arts to social studies. In addition to the GED test classes, this library runs several GED testing service centers across the region. This public library is also a national external diploma program provider.

14. CAMBA Adult Literacy Program

The adult basic education offered here empowers learners with the knowledge and skill to take on various subjects like language arts, mathematics, and social studies. 

15. School Sisters of Notre Dame Educational Center

It runs free high school equivalency classes for women. A student requires sufficient skill and experience in the various GED subjects when enrolling for this program.

16. Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council

There are many educational programs, including GED prep.

17. RiseBoro Youth Center

This center has many youth literacy programs, and GED classes are one of them. 

18. Kingsborough Community College

 In addition to learning resources to give you the skills and knowledge to score highly in the GED, this college also runs simulation tests.

19. LaGuardia Community College

Fortunately, this institute is also a GED testing service center. In addition, it helps a student transition into college after earning a GED diploma.

20. Turning Point Education Center

This educational and vocational training center will help you understand what the GED testing service expects of you. It has resources and mentorship to improve your mathematics, science, and language skills.