What Does Your GED Test Score Mean?

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Many test-takers got concerned about the recent changes in the GED test. Some say that the test has become more difficult and passing it is trickier. But there is no basis for this. On the contrary, the GED passing rate is higher now in 2017 (79%) compared to the passing rate in 2002 (70%).

The updated GED test is deemed to be a more accurate representation of the academic skills of test- takers and its scoring system is considered to be more lenient. You now have better chances of passing the GED test, and its revision in 2014 is good news.

Revisions in the GED test were implemented in 2014. Other than its content, the creators of this test also modified its scoring system. The latest adjustments in the GED are meant to ensure that the value of the GED diploma is indeed on par with that of a high school diploma.

The GED body wants to guarantee that students earning their GED certificates are truly academically fit to have the knowledge and skills of a high school graduate. GED officials have carried out extensive research and analysis where they recommended lowering the passing score from 150 points to 145 points. This new standard in the scoring system aims to accurately signify the range of aptitude and abilities of test-takers.

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Better Chances Of Passing The GED Test

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Most states have approved and implemented changes in the GED while a few are still holding up on this undertaking. This is no cause for worry, though, because the GED Testing Service will accord the test takers’ transcripts and scores to the most recent pass and fail standards until the remaining states completely take on the adoption process.

What exactly are the 2014 changes to the GED scoring? In each of the subjects, the passing score was lowered from 150 points to 145 points. So if you have garnered a score ranging from 145 to 149 in the past GED test, congratulations! The changes in the new GED scoring system now consider you as a certified GED passer. Check your online GED account and you will find that your status has been updated automatically.

It is even better if you are planning to take the GED test. With the updated scoring system, your chances bode well when it comes to becoming a GED diploma holder. You’ll want to achieve the best score, that’s why you have to take time for a GED test prep that works. Reviewing for the GED test online is a good place to start where you can take GED practice tests, join GED online classes and communicate with fellow test-takers.

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How To Interpret Your GED Score Based On The 2014 Revisions

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What are the particulars of the new GED scoring system? There are 3 categories:

  • GED Passing Score – A passing score of 145 for each test subject.
  • GED College Ready – Passing the test by scoring between 165 to 174 on any test subject.
  • GED College Ready + Credit – Passing the test by scoring over 175 on any test subject.

These different levels indicate varying ranges of aptitude and college-readiness.

  • 145 points to 164 points: GED Passing Score

If you achieved a score within this range, it means you have passed the GED. This means your academic abilities are on par with high school graduates.

  • 165 points to 174 points: GED College Ready
    Other than successfully passing the GED, this score also signifies that you are capable of taking college-level programs. GED officials recognize your score as being qualified to study in college without taking college placement tests and remedial classes.
  • 175 points to 200 points: GED College Ready + Credit
    If you have achieved a score within this range, it means that you are eligible to earn credits in college and possesses the skills to keep up with college-level courses. You are qualified to earn a maximum of 10 college credits in accordance with the requirements of the program or college you want to gain admission to.

Adult test-takers predominantly benefit from the 2014 alterations of the GED test. To uphold its quality and credibility, the GED test remains to be challenging. But you don’t need to worry because numerous and valuable resources are available online and offline to assist you in passing the GED test successfully.

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