GED Reasoning Through Language Arts Test Tip: Read with Intention

GED Reasoning Through Language Arts Test Tip

art test tipsIf there is one thing I can emphasize about doing well on a reading test, it is to READ WITH INTENTION! When you’re reading for a test, it’s very different than when you are reading for pleasure, or even when you are reading to study.

So what should you do when you’re taking the GED Reading Test? Well, instead of simply starting to read the text, you should instead start by reading the questions. Once you have an understanding about what the questions are asking THEN you should read the text. This will help you not only save time, but it will make you hyper-aware of what you should be looking for in the text. It will also prevent you from wasting time attempting to dissect irrelevant parts of the text. Narrowing your focus on the text will also assist in calming your mindset.

So READ WITH INTENTION and focus on the questions. Oh and have fun, too!

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