Pythagorean Theorem Story Problems – GED Math

Pythagorean Theorem

Part One: Read the information about the Pythagorean Theorem and then answer the questions below.

Pythagorean Theorem

Part Two:
Practice Questions

1. Two friends leave school at the same time, heading different places. One friend drives north to their home, while the other friend drives east to the mall. After five minutes, the friend driving northbound has reached his home, 3 miles from the school. The eastbound car has reached the mall 4 miles. If you connect their two points with a straight line, what distance are they from one another?

Answer: 5 miles

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2. Pat is trying to fill his new hummingbird feeder. The feeder sits on a pole that is 16-feet off the ground. Pat leads a 20-foot ladder against the pole to reach the feeder. How far from the base of the pole does his ladder sit?

Answer: 12 feet

3. A small town is divided into blocks. Each block is 1km by 1km. Mary stands on the corner of one block. 5 blocks north of her is the library and 12 blocks west of her is the museum. If you draw a straight line from the library to the museum, how far are they from one another?

Answer: 13 kilometers

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