Clothing Issue Prevented Woman From Taking GED Test

GED Test

There has been an incident about a woman in Milwaukee who was initially not permitted to take the GED test because of her clothing. The concerned GED testing center, United Migrant Opportunity Services (UMOS) wanted to clear out the confusion about this particular issue.

The woman allegedly stated that her clothing was part of her jihab. Muslim women wear this head covering and coat as inherent to their custom.

The Pearson VUE company administers the GED test through UMOS, which happens to be an authorized GED testing center. UMOS claimed that Pearson VUE has specific rules for candidates when taking the test.

One of these rules prohibits test-takers to wear coats or jackets during the test-taking period, and UMOS declared that their staff had merely complied with that protocol.

According to a spokesperson from UMOS, when the Muslim woman test-taker explained that she was wearing religious attire, a UMOS staff referred the matter to their supervisor, who, in turn, contacted Pearson VUE to clarify the issue. The spokesperson further commented that Pearson VUE understood the situation and ultimately allowed the Muslim woman to take the GED test on that day as well.