GED Plus Program Offers Kentucky Students Tuition-Free Certificates

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Candidates who are planning to pursue careers in high-demand fields can earn college certificates at no cost through GED Plus, one of the newest programs offered via the MSU Adult Learning Center. A primary goal of the GED Plus is to render their students to be better prepared for the workforce.

Some of the high-demand careers wherein students can avail of college certificates are:

  • Business services or IT
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Health care
  • Construction or trades
  • Transportation or logistics

The Kentucky Skills U, otherwise known as the Kentucky Adult Education along with the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) are responsible for the endowment of the GED Plus. The Kentucky Work-Ready Scholarship program allows students to earn tuition-free certificates within four months at most. There is no need for students to take a placement test in order to avail of a certificate.

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Other than the GED Plus, the KCTS likewise offers a $400 scholarship to each of the first 1,000 enrollees of the MSU Adult Learning Center. This amount is meant to cover other expenses, particularly those that are not part of the Work Ready program.

Personalized attention and support from the staff and faculty of the MSU Adult Learning Center are offered to students. These give way for the learners to obtain better chances to succeed. There are a plethora of choices for individuals who aim to earn their GED diplomas and improve their career prospects, as additionally offered by the MSU Adult Learning Center through the GED Plus program.

Six counties are currently served by the MSU Adult Learning Center, and namely, they are Morgan, Montgomery, Bath, Rowan, Wolfe, and Powell.

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According to Jenny McKinney, the Director of MSU Learning Center, a GED opens the gates to better opportunities in higher education or jobs. In fact, it has been estimated that by 2020, over 62% of the total jobs in Kentucky will require a certain level of postsecondary training or education.

There are several options for learning provided by the MSU Adult Learning Center. Evening hours are available for students who cannot attend classes, and there’s distance education through the Internet. Take home lessons are available as well. Pre-testing and individualized instruction are offered for free and students can benefit from vouchers that allow them half-the-price discounts for each of their modules.

Students at the MSU Adult Learning Center have a wide selection of services and programs to avail of as they earn college credits and obtain their GED diplomas. The faculty and staff of the adult learning center indeed take time and effort in assisting learners in working for a brighter future.

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