Florida Rapper Kodak Black Receives His High School Diploma In Jail

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Kodak Black, the Florida rapper made good use of his time behind bars by studying to obtain his high school diploma. Since he was incarcerated, Kodak has also changed his name, having been legally known from that time on as Bill K. Kapri.

Kodak was sentenced to serve one year in jail after he was charged with a number of felony cases. These came after his home in Florida was raided by the SWAT in January 2018. Earlier on the same year, Kodak (who is Haitian by descent) had allegedly asked the judge if he could take the GED. This went to say that the rapper had shown improvements in his behavior, and at the same time demonstrated that he wanted to better his education.

It was on June 30 when Kodak finally received his high school diploma. This celebratory news was announced by him on his Instagram account. On his caption, Kodak declared that receiving his high school diploma was a big accomplishment. Yet despite this, he is yearning for more. He mentioned his appreciation to his teachers Mr. Ward and Mr. Williams for having stood by him especially when he would get frustrated. Kodak mentioned that Ward and Williams diligently worked with him, and they made sure that Kodak got hold of the right studying materials so that he would be 100% ready on the big day of taking the GED Test. They all absolutely got their just rewards for taking up those Saturday classes and working overtime. “Momma, I know I’m late, but I got it”, Kodak further commented.