Unlocking the Potential: Passkeys for Students 

A student using passkey - featured image

Online technologies are redefining the way students learn. Whether you’re practicing for a GED test or attending virtual classes, the internet is changing the education landscape. It’s not just a consequence of the pandemic but also a response to an increasingly digital society. 

Amidst all of these, there’s one challenge worth addressing – password management. This is where the importance of passkeys enters the picture. 

What is a passkey? How does it work? And more importantly, how can it benefit you? If you’re wondering, keep on reading! Let’s talk about its ins and outs, and find out how it can offer a novel solution to a common problem. 

What is a Passkey? 

From online learning platforms to social media accounts, you’re probably dealing with a ton of passwords. You may have written them on a pen and paper or saved them on your phone, so you can easily remember. 

Some may use the same passwords repeatedly across multiple accounts, but such is not advisable. It’s time to say goodbye to all the confusion, and that’s what passkeys are here for. 

In a nutshell, a passkey is a digital authentication tool. It’s a password, except you do not need to use letters, numbers, and characters. It provides a passwordless login. This will allow you to enter a website, mobile app, or other digital accounts. 

Traditionally, you’ll need to create a password to access your account. With passkeys, you will enable an authenticator instead. It can be a device, such as your smartphone, or an app. The authentication process, however, will require a form of identification, such as a PIN, fingerprint, or facial recognition. 

Like in the case of password managers, you can store your passkeys online. With a secure place to store your passkeys, you can access your credentials conveniently across multiple devices. This will simplify everything without compromising security. 

Passkey vs Password 

Now, you might be wondering, what makes a passkey different from a password? The most obvious difference, as earlier mentioned, is that they do not require alpha-numeric characters. This makes them more convenient, especially for those who are forgetful. 

In addition, passkeys employ high-level security for your peace of mind. It’s not prone to be stolen or even to phishing. 

Overall, passkeys win the battle with passwords, offering more robust online security. 

Reasons Why Students Should Use Passkeys 

Now, let’s talk about how it can make your life easier. As a student, why should you even bother with passkeys? Here are the most important reasons to say bye to old-fashioned passwords and welcome passkeys in your life. 

Streamlined Access 

Picture this: You use TikTok and Twitter for entertainment. You have an Amazon account for online shopping. Meanwhile, you use PayPal to pay for e-commerce purchases. For your school stuff, you have a Microsoft account. And these are just some of the online platforms you’re in. 

Can you imagine having to memorize a different password for each account? With passkeys, you can streamline access to different online resources across multiple devices. The authenticator will do this for you. 

Phishing Protection 

One of the best things about passkeys is that they are device-bound. Simply put, this means that they are linked to one device only. 

Despite this, the device where the passkey is will be able to grant access to other devices. This solves one of the inherent weaknesses of passwords – phishing. They are prone to hacking, which can compromise your security. 

Biometric Security 

Passkeys may utilize device-based biometrics, which is another reason why it levels up cybersecurity. It relies on biological characteristics to authenticate users, such as in the forms of fingerprint, facial, and voice recognition. These identifiers are unique to each individual, so they are difficult to replicate. 

They also include liveness detection, which prevents others from using the likes of pictures to potentially trick the system. 

It’s also worth mentioning that these security measures have high accuracy rates. 

Reduced Downtime and Less Frustrations 

This might seem like a small thing for some people, but passkeys allow you to become more productive by reducing downtime. 

How many times have you forgotten your passwords? When such happens, you need to go through a tedious process of resetting the password. You’ll need to request a link, check your email, create a new password, log in with your new password, and update your password manager. 

Passkeys offer better convenience, so you can spend more time studying or doing more productive things. 

Tips for Using Passkeys 

Despite its many benefits, a passkey isn’t perfect. For instance, you can use biometrics for authentication, which can raise privacy concerns. Also, some people might not be able to provide biometric data, including those with medical conditions. More so, the initial setup may require a bit of a learning curve, but it isn’t something overly complicated. 

To make the most of passkeys, here are some things you can do: 

  • Update Your Device Regularly: Doing so can help you take advantage of the latest security features while also ensuring a smooth overall experience. 
  • Use Trusted Devices: Set up passkeys only on personal devices that you trust, making sure you’re the only one who has access to such. 
  • Secure Your Device: This will add a security layer to passkeys. You can combine it with other credentials, including multi-factor authentication. 
  • Delete Old Passkeys: If you’re selling or giving your phone to someone, make sure to get rid of old passkeys. Delete it on devices that you do not recognize. 
  • Review Access: From time to time, check the account settings, especially your access permissions. This is a proactive approach to keeping your passkey secure. 
  • Check Compatibility: Take note that not all devices and apps support passkeys. To avoid frustration, know where exactly you can use them. 

Wrapping Up 

In this digital era, passwords are part of daily lives. They can keep your accounts secure, but they’re also the very reason why your accounts can be compromised. 

As such, there’s an increasing demand for higher-level security, and that is where passkeys can offer a helping hand. It offers a plethora of benefits, but a proactive approach is necessary to make the most out of it.