SAT French Subject Test? Here’s What You Should Know

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You might be wondering at this point if you’re going to take the SAT French subject test. If you decide to do so, note that it is a great way for you to highlight your proficiency in written French and at the same time demonstrate your inclination to the French language. If you obtain a good score in this subject test, you could be able to complete basic language competency requirements and be exempted from introductory French courses in college.

You will be given 60 minutes to answer 85 multiple-choice questions in the SAT French subject test. Your score could range from 200 to 800 points in this section. How do you get ready for this particular test?

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How To Get Ready For The SAT French Subject Test

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Skills needed for taking the SAT French subject test include the knowledge of French words and how they represent the different parts of speech of the language. You need to be familiar with some basic idioms as well and how they are used in corresponding cultural settings. You should be able to make proper word and expression choices and use them in grammatically-correct sentences.

In one part of the French test, you’ll come across structure and vocabulary questions that are infused in lengthy paragraphs. Your SAT French test prep should also include honing your skills in understanding main topics and supporting ideas and the setting and themes of passages. Selections that you will encounter in the test are derived from historical works, essay, fiction, magazine and newspaper articles along with everyday resources such as tickets, advertisements, forms, and timetables. You can check out our Kaplan SAT Prep Review here.

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What Is The Recommended Preparation Time For The SAT French Subject Test?

You should have 3 to 4 years of French language study in high school or its equivalent or at least two years of keen study of the language. Your competence in the French language should have gradually developed over the years. As part of your preparation, you can likewise consult your guidance counselor so you can purchase a practice CD from the College Board. You’ll be using it so that you can study sample listening questions.

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Topics That Are Covered In The SAT French Subject Test

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Vocabulary makes up 30% of the test; the structure comprises 30% to 40%, while reading comprehension encompasses 30% to 40% of the test.

You might be wondering when the right time is to take the French test. You need to consider a few factors. At least two years of robust preparation in the French language is required, but the longer, the better. You can also take the test by the end of the most advanced French language class that you intend to take. While doing such, be sure to balance your placement and admission requirements for college. You could fall short of your anticipated score if you take the French test after skipping a French class for a period of several months.

Are you a senior who’s studying French? If you are strong in the language, you can take the French test just in time for your target colleges to perceive your score. If you are taking the test for placement purposes and not for application intentions, wait to take the test until you have gone further in your course. If you plan to take the French with Listening test, be aware that it is administered only in November. If this is part of your test-taking agenda, be sure to bring a portable CD player and earphones with you.

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How Is The French Test Different From The French With Listening Test?

In the French test, you’ll merely be dealing with reading. You’ll mainly be reading in the French language and answer subsequent multiple-choice questions. Whereas in the French Listening test, you’ll be listening to a test rendered in the French language and answer multiple-choice questions. As mentioned earlier, the French Listening test is given in November only. Although students have reported that they experience more anxiety when faced with the listening portion, they are still able to do well on the test. Another benefit of taking the French with a Listening test is that it better signifies the language ability of the students and may be more effective for placement endeavors.

You need not fret or be anxious about taking the SAT French subject test. Aside from the fact that you’ve taken the course in high school, you can augment your SAT test prep program with an efficient online SAT study guide that will give you more opportunities to hone your skills through practice tests and equip you with valuable SAT test-taking tips and tricks.

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