Why You Need Help In Preparing For Your ACT Test

Why You Need Help In Preparing For Your ACT Test

If you’re thinking of going to college, then you would probably need help in preparing to take a college admission test like the SAT or the ACT. A good ACT score can help a student get into top colleges and universities, as well as qualify for college scholarships. So, you need to kick off your ACT prep early. This article will give you prep tips to help you prepare for the ACT.

The American College Testing or ACT is a multiple-choice test given five times annually at various locations. The ACT test has an optional essay section. The test is designed to measure the student’s academic achievement in four major curriculum areas: English, Science, Math, and Reading. Materials covered on the four sections of the test correspond to the topics covered in regular high school classes. Numerous colleges and universities in the US use the student’s ACT scores as part of the admission process.

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Benefits Of ACT Test Preps

ACT test prep Benefits

The ACT test doesn’t test the intelligence of the student and it doesn’t necessarily reflect the student’s high school grades. The ACT is a predictable test and students can prepare for it by taking review classes and answering practice tests.

Preparing for the college admission exam is like studying for any tests Students need to review the test format to become familiar with its content. A good study guide and ACT practice tests will help you:

  • Answer questions on ACT
  • Get great ACT Scores
  • Compare the ACT and the SAT
  • Have the best tips and strategies for the ACT test

The best tip for mastering the ACT test is to start preparing early. In fact, students are recommended to start their ACT test prep the summer between their sophomore and junior year. Many students will then go on to take the ACT test during their junior year and during the fall of their senior year.

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  1. Take Practice Tests

What would be your score if you take the ACT test today? To find out how you would measure up, take a practice test under conditions that imitate the real ACT testing environment. For instance, shut off your phone and use a timer while taking the practice test.

The practice test score of the students would be their baseline. Students can use their baseline score to help them create a study plan based on what they need to work on. If you think you need to focus on math drills, build up your vocabulary and tame test day jitters – the ACT practice tests also familiarize students with the different sections and directions of the real ACT test so there would be no surprises.

ACT practice tests will help you see your strengths and weaknesses so you can create a targeted action plan for enhancing your score. Students can also follow it up with other test prep books to keep practicing right up to the ACT test day.

  1. Join An ACT Prep Class

If students find it hard to study on their Saturdays off, they might want to consider a class guided by an instructor who will hold them accountable. Test prep classes for the ACT test ranges from small group settings to larger classrooms coached by ACT test experts if students take a prep course via school. Find an environment that’s best for you. You can see our post to help you on studying for the ACT.

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  1. Prep Online

Super busy students may find it hard to schedule an ACT prep class between after-school jobs and their leisure time. However, online ACT test prep lets student prepare for ACT when and where it suits them best, skip ahead or repeat lessons. Online ACT test prep is best for self-starters who prefer to study at their own pace.

  1. Get A Private Tutor

ACT private tutor

If you want a completely customized approach, you can consider preparing for the ACT test with a private tutor. Private tutoring sessions guarantee you will get immediate feedback as well as personalized lessons to your learning style and needs. For instance, if students have mastered sentence completion but need to work on Geometry, their tutor will adjust their ACT prep plan accordingly. Private tutoring sessions are also the most flexible method in terms of scheduling and it is great for students with limited availability or fast-approaching deadlines. Private tutors will meet your convenient time and place.

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  1. Get Good ACT Test Prep Books

ACT test prep books are just like study guides. These will help students know what kind of questions to expect in the actual ACT test and will tell them which section they need the most help with – if any. The ACT test prep books also help students understand what kind of strategy or method they need to follow to score better on the real ACT test.

  1. Relax And Rest Before Test Day

On the day before the real ACT test, get plenty of rest and a good night sleep. Have a healthy breakfast before heading off to the test. Make sure you bring everything you need for the ACT test, such as pencils, calculator, and your ACT admission ticket. Even if you are a fast test taker, use up given time to your advantage.

With all the preparation you have done, you are bound to get the ACT test score you’re aiming for to get into a good college or to apply for a scholarship.

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