5 Reasons You Should Not Be Scared Of Taking The ACT Test

Taking The ACT Test

Fret not. You’re not going to die if you take the ACT test. In fact, you might enjoy tackling its challenge after learning about its rewards. There are many reasons you should not fear the ACT test. The most important reason is it will help you get into the college of your choice. The ACT test will not be nerve-wracking to the point of torture, especially if you gave enough time studying for it. It is even possible for you to ace the test.

Where Are Your Fears Coming From?

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If you feel fearful or anxious about taking the ACT test, ask yourself where those fears are coming from. People are generally fear what they don’t know. This may be the reason you’re afraid to take the ACT test. If you’re not prepared and consider it as the great “unknown,” then taking the ACT test is bound to scare you.

So prepare, prepare, prepare. Study for a few months before the test using various ACT test prep resources. If you use ACT practice test materials, you can breathe easy as the ACT is fast approaching. Become familiar with the format of the test and the types and methods used in the questions. You can also read more tips and information about the ACT test or ask your school questions about the registration all the way to get your score report.

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Calm Your Fears

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To address the fear of the unknown, the solution is to get as many information as you can about the ACT test. Get to know the feel of the ACT test by taking practice tests. There are many of resources available online and in your local library.

Take a trip to your test center sometime before the test day, too. You wouldn’t want to be scared of losing your way and arriving late in your testing center. It’s important to be knowledgeable about the details of your ACT test so you won’t be overwhelmed.

Finally, don’t be anxious about taking the ACT test because you can always retake it if you get a low score. You may retake the ACT test for up to 12 times. Every retake should make you a better test taker because no ACT test prep can be better than firsthand experience!

These and more are some of the reasons you should not be scared of taking the ACT test. Besides, what will make you brave enough to hurdle this undertaking is the fact the ACT test is it’s required in many states. There are many good reasons you should take the ACT test, and they will be enough to encourage you and move past your fears.

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Take The ACT Test

1. All colleges and universities in the US accept ACT scores

You need to have an ACT score to enroll and study in the college of your choice. If you get a higher score, you’ll have higher chances of gaining admission in a selective college. Most universities in the U.S. won’t let you enroll if you don’t have a standardized exam score from the ACT or SAT.

2. You may need to show your ACT score if you want to apply for a job

Somehow, you’ll have to get into the real world and look for ways to earn money, so you look for a job. Many good employers will ask for your ACT score before hiring you. Even if your ACT score is several years old, you might need to point it out in your resume. Your employer will measure your intelligence, diligence, and knowledge through your ACT score.

3. Having a high ACT score may qualify you for a scholarship program

Many universities and colleges offer scholarships to students with high ACT scores. This is a dream-come-true for any aspiring college-bound high school student.

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4. The ACT test includes a science section

You might be wondering what perks you’ll get from a standardized test featuring a science section. What’s great about this is if you ace the subject and you want to pursue a science course in college, it will increase your chance of getting accepted.

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5. In many states, the ACT test is a requirement

If you live in a state that requires the ACT, then, you have to take it. In these states, it is compulsory that high school students take the ACT test to graduate.

The following states require students to have ACT scores letting them enter college: Missouri, Minnesota, Hawaii, Alabama, Montana, North and South Carolina, Nevada, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Kentucky, Colorado, Utah, Tennessee, and Mississippi. In these states, high school juniors are required by law to take the ACT and the first time that they take it, it is free.

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Be Motivated to Take The ACT Test

Taking the ACT test has many benefits. If you want to study in a good school, earn a scholarship and land a good job, taking the test and getting good scores will help you. The results that you’ll get from it will help shape your future.

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